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Enphase Energy, a global energy technology company based in Fremont, CA, is the world's leading supplier of microinverter-based solar and battery systems that enable people to harness the sun to make, use, save, and sell their own power—and control it all with a smart mobile app. The company revolutionized the solar industry with its microinverter-based technology and builds all-in-one solar, battery, and software solutions. Enphase has shipped more than 36 million microinverters, and approximately 1.5 million Enphase-based systems have been deployed in more than 130 countries.
Year Established

Services Offered

  • Manufacturing
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Workmanship Warranty

North America -- 25 years
Europe -- 20 years
United Kingdom -- 20 years
Australia and New Zealand 10 years


ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Standards
ISO 14001:2009 for Environmental Management Standards

Industry Certifications

  • The American Solar Energy Society
  • Solar Energy Industries Association

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Connection trouble shooting

I got the enphase "not connecting to wifi" error. It took 2 hours of trouble shooting to fix the issue, including staying on chat with an assistant who wanted to start with the same trouble shooting steps I just completed before I called them. Why am I, the customer, spending hours of my day trouble shooting this system? If we pay for a service why the hell am I now the repair man? This is low quality customer service. I have better things to do on my few hours of time off than to trouble shoot a faulty system. Send out a repair man.

Posted by celticwally on Sep 12, 2023
Great products and great support

I got Maxeon 410 BLK panels installed on my house with the Enphase IQ8A’s. I had an issue with my Wi-Fi once and enphase was able to connect it within about 20 minutes so I was very happy with their support. Overall the performance of my system has beat what the projections were and I think it’s really because Enphase and Maxeon both make a top notch product!

Posted by mattjohnson5456 on Sep 08, 2023

I wish I would have never done bussiness with this people I’m in my 5th month and I’m prying electric and solar plus I pay $300 to energy company wich they don’t tell you DO NOT DO BUSSINESS WITH THIS PEOPLE

Posted by pqek57 on Sep 07, 2023
Worst solar company

This company is by far the worst there products are shitty. They are always jumping the breakers and to get a technician out it takes a whole month. I been having issues with my a/c because they put something on it so it doesn’t turn on and now that it’s suppose to turn on it doesn’t. I regret enphase solar

Posted by tonyloc_63 on Aug 27, 2023

The entire process has been a lie, we were told it would neutralize our bill, however I receive a bill every month for electric plus pay the solar panels. There are three process in getting installed none of which will be responsible for the other. Enphase manufactures crappy products, then the sales team lie to get you to purchase on the promise you will save money. Which the power company buys energy back, but at a fraction of the charge. Then the install company that will not communicate with you after install is complete, and when you finally reach them they try to charge you a service charge. Worst decision I’ve made was getting Solar.

Posted by cour2152 on Aug 27, 2023
Enphase Envoy caught fire & burnt down my garage FFS!!! AVOID, AVOID, AVOID

2 years ago had a 20 Enphase microinverter system installed with the Encore gateway located in my garage. 2 weeks ago the Encore gateway caught fire & destroyed not only my garage (and I nearly lost my home), but my 2 Tesla cars were also destroyed. My insurance company has advised that as the Enphase Encore gateway was at fault (electrically not up to standard).. they won't cover the costs of the fire. Enphase just tell me "NOT OUR PROBLEM" and refuse to address the damage they have caused to my home & cars!!! SAVE THE GRIEF (AND LOTS OF) & YOUR MONEY AND AVOID, AVOID, AVOID, AVOID. DON'T PUNISH YOURSELF.... SAVE THE GRIEF (AND LOTS OF) & YOUR MONEY AND AVOID, AVOID, AVOID, AVOID.

Posted by energysage-enphase on Aug 26, 2023
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    11.2kW system, QCells + Enphase, Dublin Ohio



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