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Enphase Energy, a global energy technology company based in Fremont, CA, is the world's leading supplier of microinverter-based solar and battery systems that enable people to harness the sun to make, use, save, and sell their own power—and control it all with a smart mobile app. The company revolutionized the solar industry with its microinverter-based technology and builds all-in-one solar, battery, and software solutions. Enphase has shipped more than 36 million microinverters, and approximately 1.5 million Enphase-based systems have been deployed in more than 130 countries.
Year Established

Services Offered

  • Manufacturing
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Workmanship Warranty

North America -- 25 years
Europe -- 20 years
United Kingdom -- 20 years
Australia and New Zealand 10 years


ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Standards
ISO 14001:2009 for Environmental Management Standards

Industry Certifications

  • The American Solar Energy Society
  • Solar Energy Industries Association

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We have three in phase batteries that fail

We have three enphase batteries that have multiple issues. We had a failure when hurricane Beryl came through. We have been without electricity for almost 3 days and this is the reason I bought the damn things. I do not recommend ienphase whatsoever. They can’t seem to fix our system correctly and now I have to wait for someone to come out again to look at them. If I could, I would rip them off my wall and try to get my damn money back.

Posted by gsween1000 on Jul 10, 2024
no tech support

I bought extra part so during power outage then I have 4 outlets that stay powered by solar panels. I have had 2 power outages and both times there was NO power to the 4 outlets. A year or so ago was 1st power outage, I reported the problem, was told by Enphase that the 4 outlets were NOT MAPPED and that was corrected. Since then I have had no power outage until yesterday and NO power to the 4 mapped outlets. I want my money back for this extra unit since it DOES NOT WORK. I call Enphase to report problem, was notified of large number of callers, so I left callback #, then to find that tech that called back COULD NOT Find my info by searching using my street address...WTF!!! So I dig up the site ID and Bingo my address is shown but this tech cannot help due to the extra part (I think it is called a controller) that allows solar output to be redirected from going to CPS to the mapped 4 outlets (remove this part and return my money since you cannot fix it), so the tech sends to me a HIGHER tech department and OF COURSE the wait time is long and the system offers to call me back......that was over 18 hours ago and still no call back. Either fix...and test or remove and refund.

Posted by dwayne_texas on Jul 10, 2024
Lack of customer service, support and standing by their product!

For the month of March, no usage was even generated (shows flat line) for that whole month. This Enphase App keeps track of my daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly usage of Solar Energy. I reported the issue to Enphase Energy 4/9/24, a ticket was created, and no response after several communications. Still no response 6/20/24.

Posted by sandra.gaw on Jun 20, 2024
Bad invertor

Apparently they don’t cover bad invertors . I find it funny that they use email records of commmunication to ganged weather they will fix your system. Another kicker this a has to be trend according to reviews. But they have not addresss it and blame it on you. I beside myself with disappointment at shitty warranty and this thing is attached to my house. 2billion company apparently can’t give you replace battery under warranty lol. Should have just with no battery at least the panels have a better warranty. I have kids and elderly and got it for our peace of mind and now this makes me think this was waste of money. For those that interested it went like this Got call stating that we notice your battery is not responding and your system communication. Troubleshooted got it back up Spent hours doing that Next guy said he going to have techs look at it. Sent email with communication logs and stated because of lack communication and system be down. We won’t cover it. First of life happens and system had issues since hurricane but they never log that . They never log the fact system goes in and out from WiFi. They kindly give price 5000 new or 1200 used. Warranty does not cover battery if you read it it cover nothing. This has been issue even in electric cars. But this is people house or business. They don’t stand behind there product. Never got response from customer service about alternatives option or payment plans

Posted by kenreviewsapp on May 31, 2024
My mom

My mom Almost died after the storm because the batteries they refuse to replace saying it not defect. The battery is supposed to last 25 years. Now battery not holding a charge. They are scum trash indecent company that does not care about people and product!!! This is what America has become a bunch of dishonest companies selling a product nd not standing behind it. Called saying they could replace battery and then choose not to! I so mad I can not even type…. If I could go back in time I would you guys deserve to all go under you are not good to your customers. I almost lost my mom because of you and now she has system that half working Issue It saying bad pcu communication Agent ran test: stated they follow up Agent: we cannot fix it for free but give us 5000 and will replace it or you can get a 1500 for a use battery. Your battery is not defective it just not charging so it not covered by the warranty. Ask follow up question no response Even though they called send tech out to install battery that was never delivered Supplier lumio (scam solar company) The thing you are attached to people house and your not taking care of them your just milking people dry with a crap warranty like this is a car. People live here people need it for there elderly sick or for there families in general. You make me sick. I don’t want generic response I want this system fix a working but your just a crap company that only cares your end game. Not your customer it sad

Posted by kenku78 on May 31, 2024
Lost in the shuffle

Although I bought the Enphase system only when it had already been installed with the house, it was an ordeal gettin the ownership transferred (didn't transfer with the purchase of the house?) Then the monitoring system that was sold to the previous owner was defunct. It never monitored anything. After purchasing a new monitoring device for $500 and paying an installer another $300 to set it up, we are now experiencing issues that only can be taken care of onsite. Seems fair enough, but local installers have dropped this system like a hot potato. The nearest company servicing them is more than 100 miles away, so add that to time and mileage and we're stuck with a system that appears to be no producing electricity and a potential bill that would erase the past four years of electricity savings. At this point we are simply in the dark about whether the system is even worth salvaging.

Posted by pink_rosette.0q on May 22, 2024
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