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Enphase Energy - Profile & Reviews

Enphase Energy, a global energy technology company based in Fremont, CA, is the world's leading supplier of microinverter-based solar and battery systems that enable people to harness the sun to make, use, save, and sell their own power—and control it all with a smart mobile app. The company revolutionized the solar industry with its microinverter-based technology and builds all-in-one solar, battery, and software solutions. Enphase has shipped more than 36 million microinverters, and approximately 1.5 million Enphase-based systems have been deployed in more than 130 countries.

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  • "Poor product design and poor customer care"

    Reviewed Sep 16, 2021

    I am appalled by how Enphase is disregarding essential customer care attention and de facto being fraudulent. I had my solar system installed barely six months ago, and five microinverters already failed. My solar installer tried for three months to get the parts shipped back by Enphase (during summer, the best time of the year for solar energy), and after a long wait (while losing money), Enphase denied warranty. Nobody came to my location to thoroughly inspect the product, and all I was left with as an explanation was “grid anomaly” and an act of God clause used as the resulting denial of warranty. Right now, I have a bill of over 400$ for a system that should be under warranty for 25 years. It lasted six months, and if I pay for the new microinverters, I will lose my first year of solar savings. Act of God clause is not found to be acceptable or used without full transparency, disclosure, and verifiable proof of findings in full and in good faith. According to their Corporate Values, “customer first” is the foundation of their business; well, it didn’t happen in my case. What Enphase promise: 25 years of warranty Reality: the microinverters lasted six months and denied warranty – Promise: Customer first – Reality: three months of back and forth to get a reply while losing money and the “grid event” always good to pass the buck to the customer for poor product design. Be extremely cautious in selecting their products for your system; stay away.

  • "Making Electricity"

    Reviewed Jun 16, 2021

    Rough start with Kota who installed our Enphase system with 33 IQ7+ panels which are producing very consistent power now. Getting about 84 kwh a day. Took a few months to iron things out. Pleased with the final outcome. Almost a year now and will continue to monitor, on a very nice app. Also took some time to get the company to set the app up for us.

  • "Not running 100 percent moderator died"

    Reviewed Jun 10, 2021

    Was told YSG is responsible for my moderator not working then I’m told enphase
    Is responsible. I don’t know where to go. I was told when i got these panels that everything is covered for 25 years parts and labor but now I’m told only what’s outside. Can’t get any help.

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Advanced solar and storage technology from Enphase empowers you with green energy that not only saves you money, it gives you peace of mind. Make the smartest, safest choice for your family and your home.

What do you prefer – a personal tutor for your child or a classroom full of students and one teacher?
Enphase is like a personal tutor for each of your solar panels. Each Enphase microinverter gets the best out of each panel and ensures that your overall system performs to its maximum capability.
This means, that over time an Enphase system will always outperform a string/conventional solar system. And this translates into real savings.

Enphase microinverters are used in over 100 countries — from all across the United States to India, Australia, and even Antarctica. This means that they operate in very cold but also very hot and humid climates without fail, thanks to very rigorous 1 million power-on hours of testing before any new generation of microinverters gets released. This reliability translates to 25 years of warranty for microinverters.

Every part of the Enphase Home Energy Solution is designed to have minimal impact on your home. Wiring and equipment are out of sight, and our low voltage design boosts safety.

Once installed, you can view how your system is doing from your mobile device or tablet through Enphase MyEnlighten and make decisions about how to use your electricity more efficiently. Get the MyEnlighten app at the App Store or Google Play Store.

Enphase products are not only ready for tomorrow’s smart grid; they’re powered by software that updates remotely. That means your system stays on the leading-edge: today, tomorrow or years from now. Secure a smarter future—for you and for the planet.

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  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage
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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Enphase Energy Headquarters

47281 Bayside Parkway
Fremont, CA
94538 United States

Workmanship Warranty

North America -- 25 years
Europe -- 20 years
United Kingdom -- 20 years
Australia and New Zealand 10 years


ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Standards
ISO 14001:2009 for Environmental Management Standards

States served by Enphase Energy

  • Alabama AL ,
  • Alaska AK ,
  • Arizona AZ ,
  • Arkansas AR ,
  • California CA ,
  • Colorado CO ,
  • Connecticut CT ,
  • Delaware DE ,
  • District of Columbia DC ,
  • Florida FL ,
  • Georgia GA ,
  • Hawaii HI ,
  • Idaho ID ,
  • Illinois IL ,
  • Indiana IN ,
  • Iowa IA ,
  • Kansas KS ,
  • Kentucky KY ,
  • Louisiana LA ,
  • Maine ME ,
  • Maryland MD ,
  • Massachusetts MA ,
  • Michigan MI ,
  • Minnesota MN ,
  • Mississippi MS ,
  • Missouri MO ,
  • Montana MT ,
  • Nebraska NE ,
  • Nevada NV ,
  • New Hampshire NH ,
  • New Jersey NJ ,
  • New Mexico NM ,
  • New York NY ,
  • North Carolina NC ,
  • North Dakota ND ,
  • Ohio OH ,
  • Oklahoma OK ,
  • Oregon OR ,
  • Pennsylvania PA ,
  • Rhode Island RI ,
  • South Carolina SC ,
  • South Dakota SD ,
  • Tennessee TN ,
  • Texas TX ,
  • Utah UT ,
  • Vermont VT ,
  • Virginia VA ,
  • Washington WA ,
  • West Virginia WV ,
  • Wisconsin WI ,
  • Wyoming WY