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Production of 6.24 kW SunPower System

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System consists of 26 SunPower SPR240E-WHT-D on a partially shaded south facing roof

Experience with Installer:

Now as far as a report card about my own Solar array I’d like to report that I have made 6,110 KWH to date, and consumed on the smart meter power used is 9,090 KWH all since Sept 3 2011 when we hooked up and Sept 14 th 20111 when the smart meter went in service. YOU did your predictive calculation and came back and said I’d make 7110 KWH for my years operation……well you may want to change your profession to fortune teller soon cause (aside from this past cloudy and rainy week) I have been making close to 30 KWH of power per day and if figure we have 8 days left this month and 31 for next month PLUS 3 days in September which totals 42 days I need to average +23 KWH to make your prediction which I am sure I will and that means 7 SERC’s made in year one. NOT bad at all and THANKS to Aurora and Sun Power I will get there.


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