We generate over 70% of the power that we use with our solar panel system!

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Average Annual Savings


Energy Needs Met

50% to 74%

of electricity

Net Investment


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What You Need to Know


We have approximately 300 PV solar panels on the roof of our building generating approximately 70-75% of our energy consumption.

Other Benefits:

Our customers appreciate our efforts to promote clean, renewable energy sources and lessen our dependance on traditional energy sources.

Maintenance Requirements:

The interface is absolutely seamless and we do absolutely nothing to maintain the system. We have a maintenance agreement in place that involves annual inspections and evaluation of the performance of the system. So far there has not been any issues.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:


My Motivation:

We were attracted to the idea of the environmental benefit as well as the energy cost savings that the system would provide on an ongoing basis. Between the Federal grant and the MA SREC revenue, as well as the tax and depreciation credits, we estimate that the break even on the cost of the system is a little less than 6 years.


We are very happy with our investment. If you are considering installing a system like this, we would recommend that you choose your supplier very carefully and speak with the references that they provide to make sure that they are reputable and can handle the project and all the details that this entails.

Experience with Installer:

Our experience couldn't have been smoother or less problematic. We highly recommend the people at RGS Energy who managed the entire process from start to finish, interacted with all subcontractors and basically handled everything.

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