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About Canadian Solar Inc.

Canadian Solar describes themselves as bein one of the leading solar manufacturers in the world, delivering industry leading high efficiency solar cells, solar modules, solar power systems and off grid solar power application solutions. With manufacturing facilities in Canada and China, Canadian Solar has a total module production capacity of 2.4GW. In the past 12 years, Canadian Solar has been working closely with over 1000 customers in over 70 countries, delivering over 6GW of solar modules.
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EP Cube Battery

We have installed several of these batteries and we are really impressed about how easy it is to install and commissioning them. Working with Justin is amazing.

Posted by javierzavarce on Apr 06, 2024
EP Cube

After conducting thorough research online, we opted for the EP Cube solution, and Justin Barnow provided invaluable assistance throughout the setup process. With several installations now complete, we're pleased with the seamless setup and the intuitive app interface for our clients. We look forward to further collaboration with EP Cube.

Posted by daniel on Apr 04, 2024
Fantastic equipment and easy to use

I read the 100 page manual of one of their major competitors and it didn’t make a lot of sense nor was it easy to install or use. Then I read the Canadian Solar manual and contacted their team and 5 people helped me right away. Their manual is simple, very plug and play, and easy to install. As a business owner I’m looking for a beautiful product, that works well, has excellent customer service and is EASY to install and train for. I’m not building a nuclear power plant and I need to do it fast. So I chose the best equipment on the market (Canadian Solar), that works the best, is less expensive and is a true Tier 1 best solar system. I got 40 kW of batteries and 46 panels. I made one modification (I used different TIGOs that allowed me to optimize each panel individually so that was awesome). Justin is the best rep we could ever hope for. He’s polite, courteous, on time and committed.

Posted by Aprandecki on Apr 04, 2024
Panels and batteries

As an installer, I know the difference between panel and battery manufacturers. We have installed over a dozen different panel, battery, and inverter combos. The EP Cube by Canadian solar gives customers flexibility in their backup storage capacity that is scalable overtime. You can start with 9.9kWh’s and increase in increments of 3.3kWh’s. Essentially, you can have a backup battery generator for what you NEED today and grow into what you WANT tomorrow. The entire Canadian/EP team has been great to work with. Responsive and accountable are the two words that come to mind. Definitely a system worth looking into if you want solar + battery!

Posted by sgrimes from Texas Best Solar on Apr 03, 2024
Best Solar Panel

Canadian Solar offers the best Solar panels money can buy. They are highly efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Posted by peter from Core Energy Solar on Oct 13, 2023
Happy I did the right research and just didn't by the first thing that was shipped here over seas.

Met with a bunch of different solar companies and most of them were pushing for overseas panels produced in Asia. A friend of mine had a bad solar experience and the company he wen't with wen't out of business so he had to try and use the manufactter warranties which he said were like basically impossible, he gave up and now has a few dead REC or Qcell panels up there don't remember exactly which one. Canadian solar is the 5th largest manufacture of panels in the world (yes I actually checked this) and they even have a headquarters in the US now. That alone gave me comfort in knowing if something does go wrong, there not a million miles away and I won't have to go back and forth for days on google translator trying to communicate if needed. I purchase lots of things manufactured over seas but would never for something like this with a 30 year life expectancy.

Posted by fllyfe813 on Oct 04, 2023
    • House of Worship
    • Solar PV
    • 65.83 kW
    A nonprofit organization funded by our first Power Purchase Agreement
    • Residential
    • Solar PV
    • 7.6 kW
    Residential Solar Array
    • Commercial
    • Solar PV
    • 178.6 kW
    Manufacturing Facility Usage Offset By Solar
    • Residential
    • Solar PV
    • 8-10 kW
    Seymour Solar PV