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Cash purchase of home solar system!

What You Need to Know


16 panel roof mounted system with micro-inverters. Cash purchase of the system.

Maintenance Requirements:

Since installation, the Doans have hosed down their panels once and plan to do a cleaning and servicing in 2014.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

With fruit trees peppering their lot, weekly deliveries of Community Supported Agriculture produce boxes, and other low-impact, local-focused efforts, the Doans were already committed to sustainable urban living.

My Motivation:

As environmental professionals, the Doans cite their sustainability values and reduced energy costs as the primary factors in why they invested in a solar system.


"just do it"

Experience with Installer:

After getting two quotes, their 16 cell system was installed in the fall of 2011 by a local contractor and is offsetting almost 100% of the electricity the Doans’ 2-person household consumes. Tamara says that the system installation was very straightforward, taking only 2 days, and that others considering purchasing a solar system should just do it!

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