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The building was using 210,000 kWh/per year to meet its energy needs. The annual load was reduced to 97,000 kWh due to the installation of Ground Source Heat pumps, 4 Renewaire controlled ventilation ERV's, tighter envelope to reduce air infiltration, reduced lighting energy inputs with new ballast & bulbs, system controls, and LED's. The solar PV produces 77,000 kWh per year, with only 20,000 kWh on the remaining annual load. Thus, there is a 90%+ reduction from the original overall energy load saving $25,500 per year overall-with the solar PV system providing $8,800 per year in average savings.

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There was an installation of 43 tons of Climate Master Heat pump Geo system, with the loop field under the solar field. A single Velux solar thermal collector was added for a 50 gallon tank to support DHW needs. Intense air sealing applications with added insulation and lower energy use for re-lamping of the complete building.

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annual savings
Leominster, MA
annual savings
Leominster, MA

House of Worship|Solar PV

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