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Celebrating over 25 years in the solar industry, REC Group is an international pioneering solar energy company dedicated to empowering consumers with clean, affordable solar power through high-quality solar panels with a leading power density. We are the world’s most trusted brand of solar panels and solutions, providing reliable and high quality sources of clean energy. REC’s renowned product quality is supported by high efficiency HJT technology and one of the lowest warranty claims rate in the industry. REC currently employs more than 2,000 employees worldwide. Visit
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  1. High Power and Phenomenal Energy Yield

  2. Quality

  3. Reliability

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  • Manufacturing

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ProTrust 25 Year Warranty

Industry Certifications

  • The American Solar Energy Society
  • Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association
  • Solar Energy Industries Association

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Quality product. Delayed warranty processes. Great customer service.

(1) My installer wanted to be REC certified before the installation to get me the Pro trust 25 years warranty. He wrote several emails or contacted REC for the certification. It took over 4 months for him to get REC certified. He complained about the delayed response from REC concerned department. After my initial review here, Hannah from REC group reached out to me and things started to move faster. Suggest to improve this process bit faster. (2) I have 30 panels installed. One panel was producing exactly half energy compared to others. This was found to be defective. My installer was able to put in the warranty request and after sending few measurements/pictures, the request was approved. It took almost 6 weeks since initial contact to get the replacement panel delivered. Another 3 weeks for my installer to schedule and complete the job. I had reached out to EnergySage contact person(Abhishek Iyer) and he escalated to REC contact (Melissa) who was able to provide me the status of the warranty and delivery updates very promptly. Great service from both parties. I would suggest to contact EnergySage for any issues with the REC during the project. They have effective contacts who can help right away.

Posted by sambeetm on Jul 16, 2022
Awesome panels!

We installed 38 REC panels 360 watts. They are generating great! Love the look of them as well!

Posted by sarahbates1978star on Dec 23, 2021
So good I wish I'd gotten better inverters

I got REC ALPHA 360s installed at the end of 2020. Recognizing I have a great house situation (mostly south facing with little to any shade), on sunny days I've consistently overproduced on what the enphase Q7+ can handle, causing a bit of clipping and lost production during the mid-day hours. Wish I'd gotten SolarEdge for my system size given that! Have been very happy so far, happy I chose these for the longevity of production as well as stronger hail ratings since we do get occasional hail in my area. I have not dealt with any issues to date to judge the responsiveness of company, but the warranty seems very good if something were to happen as I got installed by a REC certified installer.

Posted by timothy.a.frederick on Mar 21, 2021
Alpha tops all!

Simply put the Alpha series panel is the best in the market right now. Being a solar consultant for the past 8yrs has afforded me the opportunity to learn about panels in a detailed way. The Alpha series matches or beats Sunpower in every metric there is and it costs don't come close to the astronomical price point Sunpower demands. I have 38 of these bad boys cranking out power here in Vegas and I couldn't be happier. I work for a premium Sunpower dealer but haven't sold a Sunpower system since we got REC certified. Its Alpha all day for my customers!

Posted by Tgibs0807 on Feb 04, 2021
Alpha Series Panels Are Great

When I started my research for solar, I heard of Sun Power being the best with the "Rolls Royce" panels. They are a great company don't get me wrong, but I was looking for panels that achieved a high efficiency output over 25 years that didn't require the premium price tag. I went through Hanwha Q Cell, LG, Sun Power, Panasonic, and REC. I was going to sign a contract with the LG Neon R Primes, but then I read up on REC Alpha. One cosmetic feature I wanted was a black panel. REC not only delivered a 92% efficiency after 25 years with their Alpha series, as well as a black series panel, but also got it at a lower cost than LG and Sun Power. They are great panels and easy to install onto the racking system. One advice I suggest when you search for solar panels, don't focus too much on the efficiency of the panel of how much sunlight is converted to electricity (roughly 20% on good panels). Focus on how efficient your panels will be operating after 25 years. Some panels go down to around 80% efficiency by 25 years. You would like to have your panels produce close to the same amount of power down the road as they do when you first get them. In my opinion, REC Alpha series, Sun Power (A & X Series), and LG Neon R Prime are the best panels in the market right now.

Posted by grecchia1991 on Nov 23, 2020
Premium and then some

It was between REC and Panasonic for me. REC took what Panasonic did with the HIT series, and brought better efficiency to the table with the Alpha Series. 92% output at year 25 is incredible. Looks great, performs even better. Very happy with these panels.

Posted by sendmesolarquotes on Sep 16, 2020
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    • 8.0 kW
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