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Peter Governale

Zero Energy Building using the Toscano heat exchanger for GSHP (Geothermal). The building employes radiant heating & cooling with ERV and traditional air distribution systems. Hydraulic separator with low temperature radiant system and an a Hybrid heat pump for DHW (helps to dehumidify the Geo mechanical room while providing hot water) An EV charging station is being installed-powered by solar PV. The solar PV system offset the complete load with the extra kWh will be used for the EV charging station.

What You Need to Know


104 modules with Conergy 260P panels. SMA inverters with SPS to support power during power outages. TIGO optimizers are used to increase power and provide long term perform of system operations.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

The building is a Zero Energy Building. After one year, an M&V report will follow detailing comparsion and qualifying for Energy Star approval.

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Horizons Camp Dining & Activity Center

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