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Tigo Energy - Profile & Reviews

Tigo Energy is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2007 by a team of experienced technologists. Combining a unique systems-level approach with expertise in semi-conductors, power electronics, and solar energy the Tigo Energy team developed the first generation Smart Module Optimizer technology for the solar industry.

Tigo Energy's vision is to leverage power electronics and communications technology to drive the cost of solar electricity down. By partnering with Tier 1 module and inverter manufacturers in the industry, Tigo Energy is able to focus on its key innovation and leverage the broader ecosystem.

Tigo Energy has operations in the USA, across Europe, Japan, China, Australia and the Middle East.

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  • "Tigo TS4 A-O & CCA is worthwhile"

    Reviewed May 31, 2021

    I am an installer and homeowner in Maine. After much research I recently installed a 12 kw solar system for our own home. I used 28 Q-Cell 430W panels, 14 on the roof, and 14 on an adjustable ground mounted rack. For an inverter, I used the Sol-ark 12K, an all in one inverter that does everything all in one package. Shading was an issue for some panels, so I used the Tigo TS4 A-O RSD/optimizer modules & a CCA that includes the module level rapid shutdown required with NEC 2017 & 2020. An added advantage to using this system is that I can monitor the performance of each and every panel/module. This way I can know how each panel is performing, as well as spot any issues as soon as they occur, saving time and simplifying resolution of, and addressing any issue that might arise in the future. That alone is worth the price of admission as they say. I highly recommend this system.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Are you contemplating a solar system for your home to potentially lower your electric bill and lower your carbon footprint? Tigo is here to make solar happen!

Tigo provides benefits of module-level monitoring, rapid shutdown safety, and optimization for new PV systems or existing PV systems by adding optimizers and other module-level power electronics. Tigo lets you choose what features you want and pay for only what you need which is why Tigo’s solutions are known as flexible module-level power electronics (Flex MLPE).

Tigo makes your choice easy by providing flexible installation designs to fit your roof. Because of the way solar panels are connected and managed in a traditional installation, a weak panel will have a significantly negative effect on the entire system. Uneven panel aging, slightly different module orientation, and module temperature differences can also lead to lower than expected power output. By adding a Tigo optimizer to each shaded modules, your solar array will produce the most energy possible regardless of your home orientation or shading issues. By adding Tigo’s communication devices, you can also monitor your entire system on Tigo’s SMART monitoring platform. Tigo’s products are certified with the highest safety ratings according to the most recent National Electric Code (NEC) regulations. These industry-leading safety features give you peace-of-mind by rapidly shutting down during maintenance or emergencies.

Tigo’s TS4 Platform solution fixes these problems and may result in up to 30% more energy from your array. Tigo’s module-level web-based management tools will also help you keep your system at its peak performance throughout the lifecycle of your system. Tigo’s optimizers provide module-level monitoring, which allows you to see how your array is doing and track its performance over time.

  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Tigo's TS4 Installation Video
    Tigo's TS4 Installation Video
  • Tigo SMART App 3.0 Commissioning Walkthrough
    Tigo SMART App 3.0 Commissioning Walkthrough
  • Monitoring via Tigo SMART Spp 3.0
    Monitoring via Tigo SMART Spp 3.0
  • Identifying and Addressing Underperformance in Solar PV
    Identifying and Addressing Underperformance in Solar PV
  • Interpreting NEC 2017 Rapid Shutdown
    Interpreting NEC 2017 Rapid Shutdown
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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Tigo Energy Headquarters

655 Campbell Technology Parkway
Suite 150
Campbell, CA
95008 United States




UL Certified
NEC 690.12 2014 & 2017 & 2020 Rapid Shutdown Compliant

States served by Tigo Energy

  • Alabama AL ,
  • Alaska AK ,
  • Arizona AZ ,
  • Arkansas AR ,
  • California CA ,
  • Colorado CO ,
  • Connecticut CT ,
  • Delaware DE ,
  • District of Columbia DC ,
  • Florida FL ,
  • Georgia GA ,
  • Hawaii HI ,
  • Idaho ID ,
  • Illinois IL ,
  • Indiana IN ,
  • Iowa IA ,
  • Kansas KS ,
  • Kentucky KY ,
  • Louisiana LA ,
  • Maine ME ,
  • Maryland MD ,
  • Massachusetts MA ,
  • Michigan MI ,
  • Minnesota MN ,
  • Mississippi MS ,
  • Missouri MO ,
  • Montana MT ,
  • Nebraska NE ,
  • Nevada NV ,
  • New Hampshire NH ,
  • New Jersey NJ ,
  • New Mexico NM ,
  • New York NY ,
  • North Carolina NC ,
  • North Dakota ND ,
  • Ohio OH ,
  • Oklahoma OK ,
  • Oregon OR ,
  • Pennsylvania PA ,
  • Rhode Island RI ,
  • South Carolina SC ,
  • South Dakota SD ,
  • Tennessee TN ,
  • Texas TX ,
  • Utah UT ,
  • Vermont VT ,
  • Virginia VA ,
  • Washington WA ,
  • West Virginia WV ,
  • Wisconsin WI ,
  • Wyoming WY