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Manny Renteria

I love that the NEW installation company was able to fix the previously installed system and expand onto it, instead of tearing it down and building a newer system, which is what most contractors tried to do.

What You Need to Know


The new system was tilted up instead of flush mounted on my roof. The new electrical equipment rack looks and feels amazing and professional.

Maintenance Requirements:

Only Corrective as needed.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

LED lighting throughout the building was installed by CM

My Motivation:

They were willing to improve what I had already paid for and fully integrate a new system.


Ask for itemized costing, it really improved my cost!

Experience with Installer:

They were safe, clean, nice and ALWAYS on time! They left me place cleaner than it was before.

Open House Info:

Please call Manny at CM electric and schedule a visit to my property through him, (619) 962-7605

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Solar Done Wrong: Treepublic to the Rescue!

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