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This system was oriented to maximize the lay of the land in the yard. It is oriented slightly to the afternoon sky (191 degree azimuth) to allow for future expansion with a second array. Being a farm we also qualified for Aggregate Net Metering and are able to offset our electricity meter in our barn even though the connection to the PV array is at the house.

Other Benefits:

We get to see a lot of old and new friends stopping in to see the system as it is visible from the main road.

Maintenance Requirements:

None so far. Our installer, Sunwire Energy, is available by phone if we ever need service work.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

We don't expect any as the system now produces most of our electricity.

My Motivation:

We were tired of SMECO utility bills always getting higher and higher. It was time to get an alternative and solar was the only real answer that gets us the same amount of power at a lower cost for the rest of our lives.


Call Sunwire Energy. If you have open land you should use it for solar. You get more power and we never have to worry about leaky roofs or fire or electrical hazards. Even our farm animals aren't bothered by the array and some even like the shade on the backside.

Experience with Installer:

You need to start early. Equipment may be hard to get depending on how active the market is at any time. Our installer told us that later in the year is more difficult as more people rush to get their solar before the year end. We experienced this as well. You just have to be patient. And your utility company and permit office may not make things quick or easy. You just have to hire a persistent and professional solar installer like Sunwire Energy that knows what they are doing!


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