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  • Product Manufacturer

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Primary Line of Business

  • Product Manufacturer

More About Us

More About Us

SolarWorld describes itself as a solar pioneer, one of the world’s largest solar-technology producers and the largest U.S. solar panel manufacturer for more than 35 years. SolarWorld dedicates itself exclusively to the business of solar energy. Plus, it combines all stages of the photovoltaic value chain, from the raw material silicon to turn-key solar power plants, so that it can uphold high quality and environmental standards at every stage. SolarWorld operates factories in the United States and Germany as well as sales offices in all of the world’s solar markets, providing top quality commercial solar power, solar systems for government, as well as solar panels for homes.

Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Solar PV

Product Manufacturer Ratings by EnergySage

Product Manufacturer Ratings by EnergySage
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  • Overall Rating:  Standard

    • At or weaker than industry average performance, quality, and durability specifications

    • Industry average warranty coverage

  • Warranty Rating:  Standard

    • Standard-level performance output and materials warranties

  • Performance Quality Durability Rating:  Standard

    • Efficiency: The majority of SolarWorld's panel models operate within the industry average efficiency range

    • Power output: SolarWorld's internal testing indicates that their panels are capable of producing at least as much power as their power output rating

    • Temperature sensitivity: The majority of SolarWorld's panel models operate within the industry average range of temperature sensitivity

    • Quality manufacturing standards: Compliant

    • Durability standards: Compliant

    • Snow & wind load: Snow and wind load ratings are at industry average

Product Manufacturing Details

Product Manufacturing Details
  • Current Models And Output

    SW 220 poly 220W, SW 225 poly 225W, SW 230 poly 230W, SW 235 poly 235W, SW 240 poly 240W, SW 245 poly 245W,

  • Product Technology

    Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline

  • Efficiency


  • Product warranty duration

    10 Years

  • What's Covered in Product Warranty

    SolarWorld's product warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship; mechanical adverse effects, which limit the stability of the solar module, and clouding or discoloration of the glass under normal application, installation, use, and service conditions for a period of 10 years.

  • Product performance warranty

    At the end of 30 Years power output should be no less than 86.5%.

  • What's covered in performance warranty

    SolarWorld's performance warranty covers the output efficiency of your solar system. After a period of 30 (thirty) years output should be no less than 86.5%. If output is reduced to less than 90% in 30 years SolarWorld will supply you with replacement products, which make it possible to maintain actual performance, carry out repairs, which make it possible to achieve actual performance or provide you with financial compensation for the lower performance of the product.

  • Where Manufactured?

    USA, Germany

  • Corporate/Ownership Structure

    Private Independent

Case Studies

Case Studies

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
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"1 month so far.. Nonissues"
Reviewed Feb 03, 2016
"1 month so far.. Nonissues"

1 month so far, no issues. Pretty good power in cloudy days, very little if raining. Panels seam a bit stronger than the 285 rating.

Using (made I. USA, a German company), Solar World Sunmodule Plus SW 285 Mono. Number 820000070

No issue and micro inverters are all working.

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