Our 8.000 kW PV system provides 100% of our electricity. I would say our system has provided a freedom to enjoy our home without having to worry about our monthly electric bill – which for us is priceless.

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Excellent quality, 8.000 kW roof mounted solar array, designed and installed by Centrosolar.

Other Benefits:

Huge savings every month! Ensuring us greater predictability on our energy costs is really a game changer. It allows me and my family to not have to constantly worry about what our usage is and what our monthly bill will be. Another important factor for us is doing our part in protecting the environment.

Maintenance Requirements:

The system is virtually maintenance free; no moving parts. If you need anything, a quick phone call, and its done. Two years ago, we needed to have one of our panels replaced, Centrosolar took care of it immediately – within 24 hours we had a replacement. They are a highly professional, efficient and dedicated team!

My Motivation:

Energy prices have gone through the roof and we wanted to be able to control what we were spending on energy. Our utility company was killing us with $300+ bills, every month. Our desire in having a solar system installed was mainly driven by its ability to produce enough energy to zero out our bill. Affording a solar system was another incentive. PV systems are now very affordable and within most everyone’s reach. Lastly, and as importantly, we wanted to do our part in helping conserve our natural resources and protect our environment.


Investing in a solar PV system is a must have. All you need to do is make sure your going to live in your home for 5 plus years, and in doing so, the system will pay for itself. The other piece of advice would be make sure you hire a group with experience and high quality product. Centrosolar for us more than exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend them to anyone seeking the best in the industry.

Experience with Installer:

Centrosolar’s knowledge on sizing systems and equipment was impressive. Plus they helped us navigate the process and gave us a heads up on the time it would take our utility company to turn the system on. They also took care of HOA questions for us so that we didn’t have to. They really did an amazing job for us!

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