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Our system keeps us in power 24/7 even when the grid is down. We have had only a $9 grid connect fee each month and we have built up enough credits to last us all year!

Other Benefits:

comfort of always having power. Furnace can run in the winter and always lights when needed. We never have to rely on the grid that seems to go down often where we live.

Maintenance Requirements:

so far, none. We do realize we may need to wash of bird droppings, etc.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Our system also keeps us from ever going up to higher tiers of electricity.

My Motivation:

Wanting peace of mind to always have electricity and to own it, and not be affected by ever increasing electricity costs.


You need to try LightHouse Solar of Utah!

Experience with Installer:

They were fast and worked great. They kept in touch with us letting us know every step. They followed through and got out NetMeter installed very fast!

Open House Info:

Please call before coming!

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