Aesthetic Design for Large Front of Home Premium LG System with Solarmount Black Aesthetic Racking Solution.

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I have an 18.910 kWp system consisting of sixty-two LG305W all black panels with aesthetics package, 2 PIKA Inverter Islands, and 8 PIKA Optimizers that can be monitored in real time through PIKA Energy Island’s Review Dashboard website. The system has the ability for future battery back-up installation in plug-n-play fashion.

Other Benefits:

I installed my solar arrays to reduce my energy costs over the life of the system and to assist with environmental sustainability. In addition to these benefits, I will receive the benefit of a Federal tax credit for 30% of the project cost and on-going Sustainable Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC's) brokerage to accelerate the Return on my investment. I expect to get my money back in 4-5 years. Which is a 20-25% Return on Investment?

Maintenance Requirements:

As the system is new, no general maintenance or service needs have been necessary. Replacement of a faulty optimizer has been required and was completed in a matter of days at no cost. A few weeks after final approval and operation of the system, I was contacted by the equipment manufacturer, PIKA, informing me that one of the eight optimizers on my system was not functioning properly. I forwarded the email to Solar ME (Sales Rep and Office Manager), and within a couple of hours was contacted by the CEO/Founder of Solar ME to discuss and schedule the repair. The full repair was completed within 5 days (spanning a weekend) of initial notification of the problem. Not only was the response prompt and efficient, but was addressed by the CEO. I should also note that the sales rep remained in contact with me through every step of the installation and service process. I have been very pleased with my decision to contract with the local company and my ability have direct interactions with the same individuals from sales through install and service.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

As my home is only 5 years old, I have not completed any other sustainability improvements.

My Motivation:

Energy costs savings over the life of the system and environmental impact.


I would advise others to educate themselves on solar projects. Start with utilizing August 2016 articles by Consumer Reports, and research further from there. Don’t fall victim to the “no cost” lease option, make sure you understand your own current energy costs and savings you are giving up over the life of the system when you lease. And finally, ask all of the questions you want, there are no stupid questions when trying to educate yourself. Then pay close attention to the response you receive, did it answer your question? Did it provide additional educational info for you? Was it detailed? Was it superficial? Was it the sales pitch? Are you confident in the answer? It is a big investment and you are making the investment, so be confident in who you contract.

Experience with Installer:

The ability to interact personally over time with the same individuals was a critical factor in my decision, probably a larger factor than price. With Solar ME I have interacted consistently with the members of the staff, including the installers, who were very professional, friendly and respectful. The installation experience was spectacular. The team of installers were incredibly professional and friendly. The team respected my home and cleaned both outside and inside my home every one of the 4 install days. The workmanship, right down to finishing washers, was top notch and provides a very clean and crisp look to the system.

Additional Notes:

As my system panels required install on the front roof of my home, the aesthetic was critically important. The sales rep worked with me through 5 iterations of the layout to maximize the system energy and aesthetics. The final install, using all black panels, truly blends with the roof and provides sustainable energy without drawing attention.

Open House Info:

With Solar ME the experience was one of education on the Solar system and its various components, pros & cons. All questions were responded to with detailed information to answer and educate by Peter Dunne. The sale occurred as a result of the educational approach to the buyer. Peter Dunne was very transparent and had nothing to hide from us. I have had a very positive experience with Solar ME and would not hesitate to recommend Solar ME to friends and neighbors or be a reference for Solar ME to any party considering a solar system. Please ask Peter for my contact details should you wish to contact me to discussed my experience in greater detail.


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