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Pika Energy

Pika Energy's award-winning solar inverter technology makes it easier than ever to add smart batteries to solar power. Our patented plug-and-play nanogrid delivers better efficiency, more power and simpler installations than other solar-plus-storage designs.
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In 2019, Pika Energy was acquired by Generac. To see all current energy storage products, please visit Generac's profile on EnergySage:

Generac is the leading global supplier of solar energy storage systems, backup power, and prime power products. Since 1959, Generac has grown its product offering from one of the largest home generator brands into a broad range of innovative clean energy products. Generac’s solar + storage solution and home energy management tools represent its commitment to delivering exceptional value to its customers, the clean energy market, and building a sustainable future.
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UL-1741 SA, IEEE 1547, UL-9540

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  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Solar Energy Industries Association

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Underrated system and excellent customer support

Due to the poor support and work by my installer (Ra Solar) I had to talk a lot to Pika Energy directly. They were always quick to get back (you would leave a message on their voice mail and they'd call back within 24hrs, typically more 2-4hrs). The support people actually knew the system well (sounded more like I was talking directly to an engineer) and they would resolve or answer my questions promptly and in great detail. The system itself is very flexible and easy to use. Very happy with the system, absolutely terrible installer.

Posted by henric on Jan 24, 2020
    • Single-Family Residence
    • Solar PV
    • 10 kW
    A very arduous path to a functional PV + Battery system
    • Residential
    • Solar PV
    • 18.910 kW
    Bacon Project Woolwich Township New Jersey



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