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34 Heliene Panels with Power Optimizers and 10,000 level Solar Edge Inverter.

My Motivation:

a home improvement that will literally pay for itself. I will cover 100% of my electric costs. So there is no change to my monthly cash flow and after approx. 7 years my system will be paid off and will have free electricity going forward.


get multiple quotes and really understand what you are trying to accomplish. If you are going to be moving in under 2 or 3 years it may not be worth it...as the increase in home value can vary depending on the demand or value of solar power in your respective area/community.

Experience with Installer:

The company I worked with was very patient and was not pushing me to make a decision. This is a $20K+ decision and if a company is telling you have to decide right away then that is not the company for you.

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