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Average Annual Savings


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75% to 99%

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What You Need to Know


Panasonic solar panels are most efficient panel in Florida's hot high temperatures. High Efficiency at High Temperatures. No other solar panel even comes close to Panasonic’s temperature characteristics which means more energy production throughout the day.

Other Benefits:

We hope to realize long term energy independence. We selected a system that meets our current and future needs that allows a payoff in 12 years.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

We added a new high efficiency HVAC system, a high efficiency hot water heater and a high efficiency pool pump.

My Motivation:

The environmental impact of switching to a sustainable source of energy and the potential savings from future utility company rate increases.


Do your homework when deciding on which system is right for you. I researched for over two months before deciding on a company to install our system. Make sure you know what you are getting and what the warranties are. Thoroughly research the installers and their ratings in the community.

Experience with Installer:

We selected Solar Advantage to install our system based on reviews and how knowledgeable the project manager was. They have been with us throughout the entire process, leading us by the hand were necessary. They were on time and completed on schedule. The paperwork seems overwhelming but with their assistance we were able to step through the process without any headaches.

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