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Clean Energy Credit Union

Clean Energy Credit Union offers expertise in green lending - having financed over $250M+ clean energy loans. We are a not-for-profit with a vision to create a world where everyone can participate in the clean energy movement.
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About Clean Energy Credit Union

Clean Energy Credit Union's mission is to promote clean energy, environmental stewardship, and cooperative enterprises through the financial services we provide to our members.

In pursuing its mission, Clean Energy Credit Union accelerates consumers’ adoption of clean energy by offering customized loans that are specifically tailored to – and that reduce the cost of – clean energy products and services.

Clean Energy Credit Union also makes it easy for everyone to directly invest in the clean energy movement by offering deposit opportunities that have low minimum thresholds (e.g. $5) and that are federally insured (i.e. lower risk than other investment opportunities, and don’t require sophisticated financial expertise or due diligence).

Ultimately, we want to make it easier for everyone to use and to invest in clean energy in order to help protect our environment and improve our economy.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. We are a not-for-profit organization.

  2. We specialize in clean energy lending.

  3. We offer great loan discount programs to those who qualify - see our website for details.

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English; Spanish

Clean Energy Credit Union is an online-only financial institution the solely lends for clean energy and energy saving projects. This includes solar, geothermal, green home improvement, electric vehicles and ebikes. Our loans are built with the member in mind, helping you afford clean energy with the terms that best fit your needs.

Terri Mickelsen, CEO
Tanya Widmer, COO
Daniel Lentini, CTO
Robert Strishock, Dealer Relations Manager
Ejaye Gilbert, Director of Member Experience


Clean Energy Credit Union is federally insured by the NCUA.


Green America Certified Business
Fossil Free Certification

Industry Certifications

  • The American Solar Energy Society

What Customers Are Saying

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Unresponsive, miserable application process

I tried to get a solar project financed through them - recommended by the solar company. Their software for downloading my financial information was archaic, to say the least, and I had to send my financials FIVE TIMES before they received them - then they wouldn't answer my calls/emails to confirm that they had gotten them. Very unsettling knowing all my personal data was floating around in the ether and not knowing if or who was seeing it. I'd really recommend you go somewhere else.

Posted by headdocandmom on Apr 17, 2023
No communication at all. Is their internet down?

Attempted to get in touch with someone at the credit union four times over a period of six weeks using multiple channels. No acknowledgement of messages. No response at all. They're meant to be an ethical institution, but it is probably wise to steer clear until they find a way to get their house in order.

Posted by deductgeneric308 on Mar 25, 2023
Stay Away

Rates are misleading. Customer Service Sucks! They email me and don't include a contact number. And the one they list is disconnected. Stay away from these half wits. Far.....far. ....away

Posted by trappermike on Mar 01, 2023
Horrible for Contractor & Homeowner

The process for a solar loan with this organization is a terribly arduous and painful process for everyone involved. My company used them for solar projects for our clients and every single homeowner complained about the process while our turnaround time went from 72 hours to several months. The rates offered are wonderful but it isn't worth the pain for most.

Posted by savagepurple76 on Jan 20, 2023
Misleading & Unfair Lending Practices

I was mislead and misinformed several times throughout the loan process. I was approved for set terms in May of 2022. When my loan went to fund 6 months later, Clean Energy Credit Union refused to fund the loan (Even though they had agree to an extension in writing and verbally) stating they wanted a new credit report and to update the interest rate on the loan. This would of funded my loan from 4.99% my original approval to 8.99% due to the market conditions and their new rate schedule. The also are almost 60 days behind in processing loans for funding.

Posted by robert.frederick on Jan 03, 2023
Excellent Service

I had a very good experience with Clean Energy. They don't charge the large merchant fees that other companies charge. This allowed my contractor to pass the savings on to me. This is a small credit union that specializes in clean energy loans. I found them to be responsive to my questions. I am very happy with the service I recieved. They are not as fast as some of the point of sale lenders, but they are less expensive overall, and they provide personal service.

Posted by nhammerschmidt on Oct 09, 2022
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