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18 LG panels, model LG335N1C-A5, 18 Enphase IQ6 inverters, and a roof rack.

Maintenance Requirements:

None that I know of.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

My roof was in poor condition, though it still had at least a decade of warranty left. I replaced it before the panels were installed. Once panels are installed, there is appreciable extra expense involved in removing them to replace a roof. It therefore made sense for me to replace my roof somewhat early.

My Motivation:

The rebates combined with the high electricity prices in Massachusetts made the panels financially advantageous.


The tax credits are scheduled to be phased out, though Congress may renew them. The sooner you install the panels, the bigger the credit you will get. Also, the terms of the loans are not particularly good. Be sure to check them and whether taking a loan makes sense.

Experience with Installer:

EnergySage provides lots of information on the various models of solar panels. As usual, you get what you pay for. Be sure to check the specs on the various models to see what is right for you. Long-lasting, efficient panels cost more but deliver more ultimately. Also, most of the installers deal with more than one make of equipment. They provide an initial bid based on a set of equipment that they choose. If you want something else, talk to them. They usually can meet your wishes.

Additional Notes:

The only bad part of the process for us was waiting for EverSource to swap the old meter for a new meter compatible with the panels. It took over 5 weeks for EverSource to do it. During that time we could not use our panels, even though they physically were ready to go.

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