Covered 50% of our usage and self installed with Renvu design and help (remote).

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My system is ground mount and self installed with Renvu design and technical help. All product except few required for electric main connection was purchased from Renvu. Initially entire system got complected with 30 PEIMAR 330W panel and provisioned for additional 10 panels. As of June I had completed entire system with 40 panels ( 30 PEIMAR 330W and 10 :Longi 340W). Since it was self installed my cost was significantly lower than any system and with help from Renvu it was not that hard to do it.

My Motivation:

Our home is fully depend on electric (except cooking) and we get very high electric usage during winter which motivated me to go for Solar to cut our electric bill.


If you have some experience in installing solar it will be great to go with Renvu and install by yourself. I had got quote from few installers and it was cost prohibitive to use them for the system size i wanted. Since we had open land it was easy to go with ground mount and install by ourselves.

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