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APsystems - Profile & Reviews

APsystems was founded in Silicon Valley in 2010 and is now a global leader in advanced solar microinverter technology. In fact, with hundreds of thousands of units installed in more than 80 countries, APsystems ranked no. 2 in global market share among independent microinverter suppliers (source: GTM Research). APsystems’ business unit for the Americas region is based in
Seattle, Washington.

7 reviews

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  • "Work great in high temperatures"

    Reviewed Mar 14, 2020
    "Work great in high temperatures"

    Reviewed Mar 14, 2020

    I was recommended to get these because other inverters were breaking in my high summer heat region. These seem to push out even higher watts during peak day compared to the last inverters I had. I had to get 1 of them replaced however, but everything went through my installer so I didn't have to do anything.

  • "Poor Support"

    Reviewed Oct 01, 2019

    We are a company that has installed thousands of their micro inverters. Customer service does not do what they say they will do, they do not return phone calls, and their product is mediocre at best. We are happy to move on to their biggest competitor.

  • "DON'T BUY!!!! - 2 weeks of troubleshooting. Couldn't get it working on their end."

    Reviewed Apr 19, 2019
    "DON'T BUY!!!! - 2 weeks of troubleshooting. Couldn't get it working on their end."

    Reviewed Apr 19, 2019

    We recently installed APSystems for the first time after our distributor recommended them for their slightly lower price and supposedly easier installation. Well, after 2 weeks of troubleshooting and trying to get it working we still have nothing, and our customer is livid. The system was turning on again after only 2 minutes after the safety switch was flipped, which is federally required to be 5 minutes. The 17 inverters we have also never all work at the same time. Its super intermittent, and the electric company won't approve it until its working all the way. APS has given us every excuse in the book. Bad signals from them to the inverters to "activate" them, bad programming in the inverter settings, bad wiring on our end, outdated firmware, wired incorrectly on our end. Every one of those was proven to not be the case, at least on our end. We had our electricians check the systems a half-dozen times to make sure it was all hooked up properly. They actually told us a couple of times we would have to leave the system on for at least 24 hours for them to test and troubleshoot it remotely, which the electric company doesn't allow before its been inspected and a digital meter has been put in. Every time we left it on for any period to test it it was just running the home owner's meter backwards and costing us money (we covered all of their down time).

    Their tech support has no idea what they're doing or talking about and just kept giving us the run around. They only have 3 or 4 techs, and they're only available between 8 and 5 Pacific time. They also don't have a typical hold queue. If they're not available, which happens at least 50% of the time, you leave a voicemail and they MIGHT call you back a day or two later. They use VONAGE (not joking) for their phone service, which was spotty and had issues. They have an extremely unprofessional service and setup. And their "Engineering" department is on the other side of the world and can't do any troubleshooting during the day for US customers.

    I have DOZENS of pictures and screenshots showing our testing and troubleshooting process so that everything was well documented. We are now having to remove the entire system and start over with a different brand, which is costing us over $6000 in wasted labor and materials. We are starting a fight for them to cover our losses that they caused, but I'm betting they won't take responsibility for their issues.

    We will NEVER be using APSystems again. They are a huge joke. Even if they gave us a free system we wouldn't touch it. Not worth it.

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    Reviewed Dec 29, 2018

    I purchased a 12KW system with APS microinverters and have had nothing but problems. I must monitor the system weekly to see what inverters are not working correctly. They have suggested numerous things that I have done all with no resolve. I did purchase the system through a very reputable local company and have gone through them for all correspondence with APS. I am rating value and quality at 1 star because if they work intermittently the quality must be inferior and they have no value to me. Service, well I've been dealing with this over a year now. As far as responsiveness, I will rate them at 2 stars just because I don't know how promptly the local company informs them of my problems. Nevertheless, APS is obviously not monitoring my system or they would see these issues. Also APS has not reached out to me, the home owner, one time through all of this. APS, if you see this you can reference ECU 203000024844.

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  • "Good product"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2018

    I’ve been using their products for a few years now and have been happy with the results. Chris and the tech team are a great resource and Ive found them to be very responsive. I had an issue with 2 inverters some time ago and had them replaced with no hassle. They have a pretty specific policy you have to follow to get replacements but I get that in this day and age.

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  • "No issues with warranty replacement."

    Reviewed Jul 25, 2018
    "No issues with warranty replacement."

    Reviewed Jul 25, 2018

    I just wanted to confirm that APsystems does honor warranties. As long as the units are not altered in anyway and have been field tested. If you follow the warranty procedures they quickly send replacements out once received.

    YC600A is a great product. More cost effective solution with good reliability in the field. Standard warranty 10yrs upgrade-able to 25yrs

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  • "Had some issue getting them to honor warranty, but they corrected it."

    Reviewed Jul 12, 2018
    "Had some issue getting them to honor warranty, but they corrected it."

    Reviewed Jul 12, 2018

    Had a failure on system and they refuse to send replacement. Some staffing changes took place and they took care of their obligations under warranty. Raised my review from 1 star to 4 due to their correction. Thanks!

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Today’s challenging residential and commercial solar applications demand innovation and power — and APsystems microinverters deliver. APsystems is pushing the market forward with constant, intensive research and development to make tomorrow’s microinverter technology available today.

The APsystems microinverter solar solution combines highly efficient power inversion with a user-friendly monitoring interface to bring you reliable, intelligent energy. Our proven power electronics architecture increases solar harvest and ensures maximum output for residential and commercial solar arrays.

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar PV

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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APsystems Headquarters

600 Ericksen Ave NE
Bainbridge Island, WA
98110 USA



States served by APsystems

  • Alabama AL,
  • Alaska AK,
  • Arizona AZ,
  • Arkansas AR,
  • California CA,
  • Colorado CO,
  • Connecticut CT,
  • Delaware DE,
  • District of Columbia DC,
  • Florida FL,
  • Georgia GA,
  • Hawaii HI,
  • Idaho ID,
  • Illinois IL,
  • Indiana IN,
  • Iowa IA,
  • Kansas KS,
  • Kentucky KY,
  • Louisiana LA,
  • Maine ME,
  • Maryland MD,
  • Massachusetts MA,
  • Michigan MI,
  • Minnesota MN,
  • Mississippi MS,
  • Missouri MO,
  • Montana MT,
  • Nebraska NE,
  • Nevada NV,
  • New Hampshire NH,
  • New Jersey NJ,
  • New Mexico NM,
  • New York NY,
  • North Carolina NC,
  • North Dakota ND,
  • Ohio OH,
  • Oklahoma OK,
  • Oregon OR,
  • Pennsylvania PA,
  • Rhode Island RI,
  • South Carolina SC,
  • South Dakota SD,
  • Tennessee TN,
  • Texas TX,
  • Utah UT,
  • Vermont VT,
  • Virginia VA,
  • Washington WA,
  • West Virginia WV,
  • Wisconsin WI,
  • Wyoming WY,
  • Puerto Rico PR