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2 strings of 14 330W panels with optimizers and 10000 VA inverter that will support 3 strings. Inverter, wiring, conduit, circuit breaker, disconnects, etc. sized to support another string in future without major modifications.

Other Benefits:

Panels, optimizers and inverter among most efficient available. Panels are especially efficient at high temperatures which are common in installation area. System is about 25% above break even size to accommodate future increased usage.

Maintenance Requirements:

Other than possible annual cleaning of panel surfaces, do not anticipate maintenance expenses. Most of system has 25 year warranty and guaranteed minimum output.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Had conduit between panel array and inside mounted inverter routed through attic rather than across roof and exterior walls. Due to this activity and others in attic, attic blown in attic insulation needs refreshing.

My Motivation:

Seems like good long term investment, especially in So Cal area where sunshine is plentiful and electric rates are very high. Use above average kWh already and plan to use more. Have large electric fireplaces to use in winter instead of natural gas furnace.


Learn all you can about solar systems before talking to salespersons. EnergySage is excellent source with maximum information and minimum sales pressure. Also turned out to be best source of soliciting estimates. Sourced estimates from others as well but they were much higher.

Experience with Installer:

Process took much longer than I expected. Have to double check everything and make sure every single person in the process knows what is expected, even with a good, experienced installer. Manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, designers and inspectors can and will make mistakes as well.

Additional Notes:

So Cal Edison has "time of use" billing so rates are higher in late afternoon. Panel array positioned high on West facing roof to optimize production during high rate period.

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