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33 panel 9.9kW PV residential solar array.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Those are next, I plan to do exterior insulation updates with siding is changed as well as energy efficient Windows and an energy audit in the future. For now I started with solar.

My Motivation:

Benefit the environment, so my kids don't inherit a global warming nightmare. Reduce carbon footprint. Prepare for geothermal hearing and cooling conversion in the future.


Gauge character, and choose someone you discern has good character. In the end that is more valuable than anything written in a contract. Having said that, do get everything you want spelled out in detail in the contract. Write in the panels models or inverter model if you want those specific components. Pay attention to warranties, and detail where each component is to be installed if it matters to you. For example I wanted my unit in the garage for future battery add-on options.

Experience with Installer:

The panels I initially chose were not available so I had to settle for qcells.

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annual savings
annual savings
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