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370w, 21 panels, system size 7.77kw and a LG Chem 9.8kw backup battery system

Maintenance Requirements:

I am not sure at this time

My Motivation:

Too many power outages from local electric Coop. Wanted backup power, and since generators are too maintenance intensive, we decided to go with solar power and a battery backup.


Do your homework, talk to others regarding the contractor/system you choose. I wish I knew that the contractor, NRG Clean Power would replace bad parts during the installation process rather than let suppliers piecemeal repairs to make a fix. I was promised a new battery, but now LG Chem tells NRG they want the bad battery back before they fix or replace the battery??? Two weeks ago I was told LG would send another battery, and I guess they changed their mind. I have no idea how long this fix will take because it is dependent upon the crappy supplier, LG. According to the installers, LG blames the Corona Virus, for the proposed battery fix, go figure.? The NRG Project manager got relieved during the process, but all along, the communication has been poor at best. I have gotten most of my repair status info from the installers.

Experience with Installer:

Installers were terrific. NRG has a good reputation. However, the Solar Edge Inverter was inop and had to be reworked twice, once with a mother board and the second time with a new inverter. Once they resolved the inverter problem, the battery didn't function. It has been well over a month and the system is not ready for final inspection. NRG Clean Power refers to their supplier rework/repair delays as " normal protocol" in bringing a system online.

Additional Notes:

Nothing unique, rather we have clear and full sun exposure.

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