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33 Panasonic Panels HIT PV Panels

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Save cost on rising energy.

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Sales team was fast and responsive to questions and to provide a quote. Site visit did not go well. Two site visits were done, then Solar Optimum sent a layout out and had roof penetrations wrong so a third visit needed to be done and another redesign. Solar Optimum was not responsive to emails during the design phase. Overall I would say the design phase was a weak link. Once approval was granted Solar Optimum was quick to schedule an installation date, which went pretty well overall. They left a mess when they left, pieces in the gutter, on the ground etc. From what I can tell with speaking with the installers they installation was sub-contracted out to a different company which I am disappointed in, this may not be accurate. They were fairly quick at getting the monitoring system activated after permission to operate by SMUD. The financing part went pretty smooth overall. Overall I would give a 7 out 10 at this time.

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