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6 MW system.

Other Benefits:

I purchased this mostly to help the environment. Then again, since I paid cash, and supposedly my home is worth that much more, perhaps it is close to free.

Maintenance Requirements:

There is no maintenance.

My Motivation:

This was mostly to help the environment, but now that it is in, I realize the system will pay for itself.


If one does not purchase a battery, one will still need an electricity provider. I should have spent much more time researching who to choose. They are not all even. With Reliant, I still end up paying about $20 per month, even though there is no charge for electricity. Others inform me they pay nothing through the proper choice of an electric provide. I was a bit worried as our house faces south, and the best place for the panels was on the front of the house. The HOA does not allow solar panels on the front. In Texas, there is a state law that overrides HOA rules stating that if energy production is cut by 10% or more by not using the front, that you can still use the front.

Experience with Installer:

The installers knew how to deal with the HOA. I was approved in 5 days. The installers provided beautiful plans which sped up the approval. The original estimate was that it would take 3 months before installation could happen. In my case it only two weeks.

Additional Notes:

The installers sent me instructions on the phone app. It started off by saying I should use the QR code on the box attached to the house. This was kind of difficult instructions, as there were 5 boxes outside the house, each with their own QR codes. I actually got it right on the last attempt.

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