NRG Clean Power - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Financing Company

  • Architect

NRG Clean Power - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Financing Company

  • Architect

Additional Services Offered

Additional Services Offered
  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Architecture
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

Solar is what we breathe day in and day out. We are on a mission to convert each and every home to clean renewable solar power plants. We understand that to accomplish this mission we must make solar affordable and so we did!

More About Us

More About Us

Full service energy efficient upgrade residential and commercial contractor. NRG has been a Lennox dealer since 1987 and we specialize in finding the best solution to reduce your energy. We do it all from solar, HVAC, insulation , roofing, windows, solar attic fans and more. NRG is your one stop shop for all of your energy efficient home improvements.

Technology Offered

Technology Offered

Industry Affiliations

Industry Affiliations

Industry Endorsements

Industry Endorsements
  • SolarEdge Preferred

Case Studies

Case Studies

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
107 Reviews
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"Excellent experience"
Reviewed Nov 04, 2019

The whole experience with NRG was superb, from Sales process to post-installation briefing. Sherry our project manager was awesome, setting expectations expertly and only surprising in terms of things finishing earlier than expected. A shout out too to Shanee, who acted swiftly and fairly when we encountered an unexpected insulation issue. Very happy we chose NRG!

"Never got a quote!"
Reviewed Sep 23, 2019

Once I signed up for Enertgysage and chose NRG, I never heard anything from the installer about a quote. I wouldn't know if they were good or not.

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"Didn't serve my area"
Reviewed Sep 17, 2019

I received a quote from this company and I responded asking more questions. They responded back and then responded back again that they don't install in my area. So it was a total waste of time. They had my address before making the quote so should have never sent the quote, wasting my time going over it and then responding to ask more questions. It left a very bad taste in my mouth for this company.

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"Two quotes from NRG, two very different prices"
Reviewed Sep 05, 2019

Be careful! I had a home consult with a rep from NRG and they gave me a quote. I signed up for an online quote from a solar review website and another NRG rep sent me a quote for a larger solar system using the exact same equipment & warranty for almost $5,000 less. When I pointed this out to the Rep who gave me the higher quote they had the guy with the lower quote stop talking with me and would only offer me $500 off the more higher priced quote. If you used NRG you might have vastly overpaid! I have all the emails and communications if anyone wants proof, just message me!

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"Solid, Comprehensive Solar Quote"
Reviewed Jul 18, 2019

They provided a comprehensive quote and addressed all of my areas of concern. I did not have any correspondence with them but would not hesitate to work with them again on a solar project.

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"Great working with you!!!"
Reviewed Jul 16, 2019

We are so excited that NRG helped us to install Solar Panels on our house in San Francisco! Their entire team was wonderful from their first presentation providing us with all the information to the completion of the installation. Their installation staff was wonderful and completed the project without a hitch.

Nicole Greenwood our customer service rep kept us informed of each step along the way and made everything easy.

We had gotten estimates from two other companies and are glad we went with NRG. No worries and a wonderful experience. We will recommend NRG without reservation.

Thanks to your whole team!

Marge B.

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"samuel dong review"
Reviewed Jun 03, 2019

I needed a roof and solar system installed. After getting four quotes I decided to go with NRG due to their excellent reviews. Their reviews were uniformly excellent in contrast to other companies who reviews gave one pause. Even though NRG's quote was slightly higher than the others it was their excellent reviews that convinced me. Gary was my initial consultant who walked me through the calculations and calculated my system needs. He was patient and informative. Nicole was my project coordinator and explained and coordinated me through all the steps of replacing my roof and then my solar system. Tiffany was the project supervisor and was also fantastic and an excellent representative of the company. They suggested helpful additions like critter guards around the panels and a solar fan for my attic. I have recommended family and friends and could not be happier with their work.

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"One Stop Shop!"
Reviewed May 29, 2019

Great service! We recently used NRG to install solar and some new HVAC units. Could not find a lot of solar companies that do both solar and other energy efficient upgrades but did get full quotes from two companies found. Our sales person was very informative and gave us many options that in the end we feel we believe was a great business plan that should pay itself off within 3 years. Tiffany was great to work with - she kept us very informed and ran the project smoothly. We had a time line of fishing by the end of the year to take advantage of the tax credits and they pulled it off way early - all done in 1 month. So far so good and we feel confident we made the right choice with NRG. Thank you!

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"So Happy I chose NRG Clean Power"
Reviewed May 29, 2019

My mom doesn't have a computer so I am writing this for her. Tiffany always followed up with me in every step of the project. Permits and inspections came back in a good timely manner. Our sales rep Kelly was very knowledgeable and personable, very easy to understand and work with. Installation was excellent and I was very impressed that they installed 16 panels in 2 hours. Installation team was very polite. I would recommend others to NRG.

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"NRG sent out wrong salesprson"
Reviewed May 12, 2019

We received 2 quotes from NRG. Rose (last name?) from Benicia, CA came to our house sent out by Home Advisor. She was very ill-prepared and only was interested in seeing our electric bill. No questions to us about roof age, solar panel positioning, equipment options or future electric usage. She excused herself to use our bathroom and after about being gone ten minutes was caught wandering around our house on a self-guided tour. Her quote was the highest of all nine quotes we received. She left no business card or company info, just a promise to call us in a week. She never contacted us again.

The other quote we received from NRG was via EnergySage and was one of the most detailed, professional and near the lowest cost of the nine quotes. However, we decided our experience with Rose probably reflected the service we might expect from NRG and thus eliminated them from our consideration.

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Verified Installer
Response from NRG Clean Power
Responded May 17, 2019

Good afternoon,

We are really sorry to hear about this. As you can see from all our happy customers in the reviews below, this not how NRG Clean Power conducts business. We really appreciate your feedback and take this very seriously. We always strive to be better. Please let us know how we can make this right.

My direct contact information is below, along with my Director of Sales contact information. Thank you.

Manager of Inside Sales
Katelyn Morgan
800-698-6627 ext 110

Director of Sales
Beth Franke
800-698-6627 ext 144

"Very Pleased!"
Reviewed May 09, 2019

Tiffany was great. The guys were out right away to begin the project and installed my new heater and air conditioner for me within weeks.I had some other construction going on and asked Tiffany to slow the crew down a couple of weeks to which she cheerfully did for me. They coordinated and filed everything with the city and SCE which was very helpful since I didn't know the process. One of the workers asked me if I had any house paint and even painted the conduit for me so it matched the house. I was so satisfied that I even referred a friend to which I was rewarded a referral fee. These guys are great and Tiffany made it all happen on schedule.

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"Company with integrity – not perfect but I recommend them. Happy with my system!"
Reviewed Apr 25, 2019

UPDATE on May 8, 2019: My monitoring system is running now and NRG has taken notable steps to address my issues as well as prevent them from happening to others. For this I have upgraded my rating. The monitoring was out of their control as it is an update SolarEdge (the inverter brand) was behind on and my system was still generating power. NRG has clearly said they know they could have handled the communication on my job better and while admitting it is not an excuse explained a key internal person had left that had caused some internal miscommunications. They requested and took the time to have a call with me and listen to my issues, honestly address them and said it was important to understand always where they can improve. This is a very good sign for being a customer of theirs over the long run and I feel assured again I picked the right company. I work in customer experience management and know that all companies make mistakes but it is those that seek out details on bad experiences and make efforts to truly understand them and fix them that are the companies with whom you want to do business. They assured me my feedback was important and would in no way affect my relationship with them over the long run and encouraged me to let them know if any other concerns arose in the future.

NRG Clean Power had a great salesperson, installation appears to have been done well and the system is running as expected. I encountered some project management and monitoring setup issues, but they are now resolved. While the system was up and running and generating energy, I had a bumpy ride with communication on the inspection, with it not happening on a few days it was expected and apparently rescheduled and then having it happen on a day it was not expected and I was on a flight out of the country for vacation. The inspection process, while not strong on communication with me, did happen very quickly, with approval coming 4 days after the installation was complete. They did use a ladder of mine and left that out during a rainy period and while I didn’t mind it was used was upset it was not put away but they have addressed this. The monitoring issue was with SolarEdge (the inverter brand) as it was a firmware update on which NRG was waiting; while I appreciate NRG getting my system installed in a quite timely manner and not waiting a few months for the monitoring firmware update to be ready this should have been explained sooner and expectations set. The loan I got of course requires an approval for disbursement of the funds and I held back on the 2nd disbursal until the monitoring was up and working as it is very important and tells me if my panels are working as expected (they are); I got a good number of calls about that while simultaneously being in communication with NRG on the monitoring issue. So their internal communication between the field operations and accounting can be improved and they know this.

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"Very helpful estimate and information!"
Reviewed Apr 23, 2019

NRG Clean Power gave us an excellent estimate and plan in just half a day on Energy Sage. They explained their choice of Hyundai panels very well, and we were happy to learn of their reasons. Ultimately my husband and I chose a local company in Fremont, CA, that had done another house in our area, but I feel NRG Clean Power would have been just as good, and their estimate was comparable in price and quality to others we received. Their information about parts/labor was excellent and helpful. We learned from their input and I thank them for that. We wish them many happy customers.

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"Got solar - pretty darn painless!"
Reviewed Apr 16, 2019

My original estimate was way low for reality, but they handled the unexpected and unwelcome increase needs well. The install crews were here as expected and cleaned up each day. My project manager was responsive via email so any/all glitches were quickly addressed. I'm generating energy every single day and watching it on the monitoring app online - and it's starting to reflect at my PGE account as well. All is good.

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"Knowledgeable Staff!!!"
Reviewed Apr 03, 2019

Kelly was our sales person. She was explained the clear benefits of going solar. She was personable and easy to work with. Tiffany was on top of thing, very prompt and answering my phone calls and emails. She did great coordinating the whole project. Installers were fabulous, efficient, and cleaned up. Panels look great on my two story house. Robert was great explaining how the system works and allowed me to understand and use my system.

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"Great Service"
Reviewed Mar 30, 2019

Very professional, always on time and always available to answer our questions. Very happy and they did a great job all around. Daniel, Tiffany, Robert, Vince and everybody else who made all this possible thank you so much for all your hard work.

"Superior Service"
Reviewed Mar 27, 2019

Tom was our salesman and he is very smart and knowledgeable. Not a pushy salesman and very willing to work with us. Built the solar system to our needs and explained benefits of going solar. We went and got many bids on different solar companies and NRG stood out the most because of their proposal, the product the use, and the efficiency of the system are the main factors. Installation crew were excellent and were clean and picked up each day they worked on the property. Tiffany was our coordinator and she was so easy to work with. Promptly returned calls and answered all my questions satisfaction and beyond. She would always go out of her way to make us a happy customer. Robert came in my best convenient time and the follow up support has been awesome. Taught me how to use my system and showed me the drone previews of my solar. Everything from sales to installation to follow up support has been excellent service.

"Prices were economical to get solar"
Reviewed Mar 22, 2019

I've talked to 4 different companies and I chose NRG because Will knew more information and he was on top of his game. He provided all the information I needed answered all my question to my satisfaction. The communication was perfect, I barely had to be involved. Tiffany and the crew handled pretty much everything. No problems with the HOA or the Irvine City Inspection. Installers did a great job installing the panels. They were very careful and in my eyes did everything very safely. Robert came over to take some drone photos and evaluated everything to make sure things were hooked up accordingly. Wonderfully pleased with NRG solar company, very professional overall would highly recommend.

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"NRG is Electrifying"
Reviewed Mar 10, 2019

Daniel was personable and informative. He was easy to get along with. I chose NRG because of the price and the customer service. We got 4 quotes from different solar companies and NRG stand out the most because they were more family oriented and also been in business for a long time. Tiffany whether it was email text or phone she immediately got back and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. Installers were professional and installed 16 panels and panel upgrade in one and half day. Robert came and showed me to operate the system and gave me a brief tutorial on the app. Answered all my questions I had about the system. No complaints and everything went smoothly, thank you NRG for your hard work and service.

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"Above Average Service"
Reviewed Feb 28, 2019

I was shopping around for a solar company and I went with NRG because the offered me a better price. Daniel came over and explained the benefits of going solar. We were trying to figure out if leasing or buying would fit our needs and it ended being that buying was the better solution. Even on a plus side, Daniel gave me a panel upgrade deal I could not let refuse. Installers were quick to install my 15 panels on my roof. Clean install and professional work was delivered. Tiffany was very prompt in answering my calls and emails. She coordinated the project well and made things go smoothly. Robert came out when project is completed to give me the last end of support and to answer any questions I had about my system. Tutored me on the system and also took amazing drone shots of my property. Everything went good highly recommended. I am working on to getting my neighbor solar as well to get a referral bonus.

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Reviewed Feb 25, 2019

We previously had NRG put up panels on our house 5 years ago and when we moved we called back the same company. Daniel was our salesman and he was very informative and he answered all my questions to my satisfaction. We had concerns about having panels near a golf course but he assured nothing will happen and the panels were built very strong to withstand heavy weather. We like NRG because they were local and used USA made panels. We interviewed a couple solar but did not feel comfortable with them, and we were already impressed with the work before. Installers were professional and very fast efficient. Jake was our coordinator in the beginning and than it was moved to Tiffany. Both coordinators were very prompt and communication was very good. Robert was outstanding and very helpful to us. Worked with our schedule and gave us a full introduction of the new solar system. I am amazed how the technology has improved since our last solar system. No complaints for the solar and we be happy to use again and share with our friends and family.

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"Thanks NRG Clean Power!!"
Reviewed Feb 21, 2019

Installers were great and panels look wonderful on the house. They installed 18 panels from Canadian Solar with a system size of 6.66kw. Reece explained everything really well. He is very knowledgeable and professional the way he approached. Did not seemed pushy and walked me through everything to make sure I understood everything about solar. I addressed my future usage concerns and Reece created a system size that will help compensate for my new usage. Sherry is an incredible coordinator, she helped me with my HOA and got things organized and done to my satisfaction. Check out the picture that NRG sent me from their drone, the work speaks for itself. Great company overall, highly recommend.

"Excellent solar system installation!!!"
Reviewed Feb 14, 2019

NRG Clean Power recently completed a new roof and solar system installation and I can tell you that everything was done on time and with great quality. The installers were really good about cleaning up and did the extra bits that made it a really good process. I had great help from my Project Coordinator, Tiffany. She made the whole process painless and I felt very well cared for by Tiffany getting things done and answering questions.

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"Take That Global Warming"
Reviewed Jan 29, 2019

Kelly was in constant feed back with the solar. She kept answering all our questions and concerns with helping us save money on our electricity. We never felt any pressure during the first sales meeting. Installation was quick and fast. They were in and out of the house for 2 days. Installers were nice and respectful. Now since we are using solar, we are excited to see our solar production through the solar edge app. We want to thank everyone from NRG and Robert who made the long trip out here from LA to educate me and my wife on the solar.

"Highly professional and Technically Knowledgable"
Reviewed Jan 23, 2019

Daniel S. Listen to our needs and provided info on our hvac addition to the solar. Sales process was smooth and non high pressured. Tiffany always responsive to my questions and concerns. She kept me informed on the HOA approval process which is a huge plus. Did her job very well. Installers were quick, fast, and clean. Arrived on schedule like they were supposed to. Panels look beautiful on the roof. They are symmetrical aligned and neatly attached the house. Solar edge app is easy to use and makes you feel like you are in charge of your own energy. Splendid experience A plus plus plus!!!

"Great Experience"
Reviewed Jan 22, 2019

Kelly was knowledgeable, personable, and patient. She answered all my questions to my satisfaction. When I called NRG to set an appointment I made sure I got someone who was not trying to make a quick sale and who was also going to talk to me and make sure that everything makes sense. Tiffany get everything together and made everything a smooth easy process. Signing documents electronically was very fast and efficient. Installers were fast and friendly. Cleaned up after themselves and respected the property. Panels look great on the roof when Robert came and took the drone pictures, and I am satisfied the way they look. Overall great experience.

"Integrity !!!"
Reviewed Jan 17, 2019

I had some real ups and downs with this company.From install, to passing the final inspections to getting up and running. But once I addressed my concerns with the right people in charge. Everything was taken care of immediately and professionally. Just goes to show how valuable great employees are to a company and it’s reputation.Thanks, Tiffany Swisa the
Production Manager at NRG.

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"Excellent experience with solar with NRG"
Reviewed Jan 11, 2019

NRG was great from start to finish, and managed to complete my solar installation very efficiently so that I can take advantage of the federal tax credit, which I wanted to do. Ryan was a patient and hard working salesman who provided all of the information I requested and answered my questions at all hours of the day. Sherry Kashani Avni was a great project manager. She kept things moving and kept in touch...and was very responsive to all of my questions and sensitive to my specific interests and requests, and managed to get the whole project done on time, including touching base with the utility to obtain approval quickly. Rocky and Jordan (installers) were efficient and friendly, shared much information, and cleaned up the site well. Others I dealt with at NRG were equally helpful and efficient. NRG also has a great warranty, and their pricing was good. I highly recommend them for solar.

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"Works Great!"
Reviewed Dec 27, 2018

Leo did a really good job explaining the benefits of solar and how it can help me save money on my electricity. Leo was thorough, respectful and very patient with us while making these type of decisions. Tiffany is very responsive and always got back to me in a timely manner. Not only was she professional but she made the project go smoothly. It took about a week to get all the permitting done and 22 panels on the roof. Very nice installation staff, polite and efficient. I am delighted that NRG sends Robert out to make sure everything is inspected and the quality of the product is there. Very helpful that he set up the monitoring and giving me a tutorial on how it operates. Explained in detail what was installed outside and what to do in case of emergency. I have began referring people to NRG and cannot wait to get my referral check.

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"Overall Experience was Excellent"
Reviewed Dec 27, 2018

Leo was very professional and he explained everything very well, and that helped us make the decision to purchase the solar. His technical knowledge and financial knowledge made us jump the ball. I interviewed 3 solar companies before going with NRG. I can say NRG was more straight forward and products better quality that was offered to us from other companies. Tiffany was very resourceful and a great support to us during the process. She was very responsive and always communicated with us throughout the process of the solar project. Installers were technical and capable and were sensitive to our aesthetics requirements. They met your demands and completed the projected to my satisfaction. Panels look fabulous on the roof. Glad NRG sent out Robert to turn on the system in a timely manner after PTO was completed. Taught me how to use the app and also explained the functions outside of the property. Highly recommended company.

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"Great Experience, Glad I Chose NRG"
Reviewed Dec 19, 2018

Installation was fast and efficient. Solar Panels look great on the roof. Everyone was friendly and respected the property. Cleaned up after themselves and are pet friendly. Tiffany was very prompt in getting back to me with all my questions. All kept my informed what the next step was. Very helpful NRG sent out Robert to help teach the system and get my started on the app. Solar Edge app is very easy to use and shows you your production levels and how to manage your electricity. Highly recommended company.

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"Excellent in every aspect!"
Reviewed Dec 17, 2018

I highly recommend NRG for Electric solar installaiton. The price is the best. Everyone is professional. Organization and communications are superb. This is a family owned business and I felt that I was treated as a family too.

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"Happy and Satisifed"
Reviewed Dec 15, 2018

I interviewed 3 solar companies and NRG stand out the most because they are knowledgeable and offered great pricing. Daniel was our salesman who came out to the house to explain the benefits of solar. Quick with the proposal and offered everything we needed. Installers were quick and efficient. They were polite and personable. Pet friendly and cleaned up after themselves after the installation was done. Jake was very responsive and prompt. Robert with the final follow up was great. Always nice to have someone to come out after everything is completed to show us how everything operates. Solar Edge app is very user friendly and explains the solar production you receive from the system. Highly recommend this company for sure.

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"Installation Start Up Went With No Problems Of Any Kind"
Reviewed Dec 12, 2018

Jake came out and made a complex situation very simple. I had a number o concerns and he addressed every one of them. This was a very good experience from sales to operations. Installation went smoothly with no problems. Panels look very good on the roof. Installation was performed very quickly and I am completely satisfied. Robert was extremely prompt and informative. Broke down step by step how the inverter operates and also the monitoring system. App is very simple to use, provides excellent information solar. Highly recommended company absolutely.

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"NRG Clean Power"
Reviewed Dec 09, 2018

Daniel was informative, patient and offered us a good deal. Installer installed very quickly. Solar panel as put on the roof in one day. Installer were clean and on time and respected the property. Alexis was my project coordinator and for the most part kept me on the loop for any changes. Robert came out and showed me how to use the system and inspected the solar one last time. Took drone shots of the property so I can show to my friends and family. Reason I put 4 stars out of 5 is because I am still waiting on my electric bill to see how much I am saving. I would highly recommend this company to anybody who needs solar.

"We Love Our Solar Power Plant"
Reviewed Dec 05, 2018

Daniel was youthful and very informative about that the solar. He was real patient with us explaining the benefits of solar. Very family oriented and personable. Installer were very professional and clean. Pet friendly and respected my property. Solar panel looks very nice and blends in with the roof. Happy that Robert came out to my best convenience and on time. Explained the ins and outs of solar. Answered all our questions and also reviewed the app and utility bill. We honestly love the app and how it can show you the production levels. It feels like our house is a little power plant now. Can't wait for the summer.

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"Stupendous Work"
Reviewed Nov 29, 2018

Daniel was a great salesman. He had great knowledge about the solar and explained the benefits of getting solar. It all made sense to me after the consultation. So thoughtful of Daniel to send me a little gift during my hip surgery. Installation crew were very nice and personable. They did a really good job on the install, and cleaned each day. Installers were also show me what they were doing and explaining how the solar was installed. Alexis was our project coordinator and was always answering our questions and getting back to us in a timely manner. It was nice that NRG sent out Robert to help show us the system and install the app on our phone. Very informative to have the app and to see your production. Would highly recommend their services.

"Great Work for everyone at NRG"
Reviewed Nov 27, 2018

Leo was very professional and was not pushy salesman. Broke down the benefits of going solar and it made sense that I could be saving money on my electricity. Tiffany was on top of everything. Kept me informed on every stage of the installation. Always called and was very prompt. Installation crew was quick and fast. Cleaned up after themselves each day of work. Solar panels look amazing on the roof, and I am happy that they are in the back of the house where it is discreet from the street view. Robert came out and showed me how things worked. Great presentation on his part, made things much easier. Highly recommend.

"So Easy!!!"
Reviewed Nov 18, 2018

Robert B. is a very honest salesman. He always got back to us when we needed it. Everything he explained to you about solar made sense. Pretty straight forward. We interviewed 3 solar companies and NRG Clean Power stand out because they had better warranty, the financing was very good, and we were getting better Watt panels. Installation was very quick, quicker than expected. Installers cleaned up the after the project was completed. Robert D. came out and showed us how the system works. Solar Edge app is very easy and very informative. We will be referring more people to NRG, after hearing how great their referral program.

"solar review"
Reviewed Nov 16, 2018

Excellent service by Ryan, Jake, Robert and all staff at NRG Clean power.

"Excellent Service"
Reviewed Nov 16, 2018

The entire NRG team is extremely professional, fast and efficient. The sales staff are very knowledgeable and Tiffany did a great job at communicating each and every step along the way. Highly recommended company!

"Simple and Required Little Effort On Our Part"
Reviewed Oct 30, 2018

Reece explained our options clearly and the benefits of going solar. He helped us understand the financial deals and what the current implications are with going solar. Reece made the sales process easy and answered all our questions. Installation was seamless, Tiffany kept us up to date. She was very prompt and kept us informed on every step of the process. Solar panels look 5 out 5 on the house. Tiffany took care of most of the work, the paper work, emails, and city permits, which was a huge plus. Robert came out to give me a walk through on the solar edge inverter along with the app. Showed me what to look for in case something goes wrong, and educating me the safety issues in case of a fire. We had solar with another company at our other house and it was nothing compared to the excellent service NRG provided. Would highly recommend.

"The Power Of Solar"
Reviewed Oct 29, 2018

I was looking into solar panels because I was tired of paying $600 every month on summer days. I heard about NRG from a cold call, and immediately I was interested in the consultation. Robert B. was our salesman and he worked out a good competitive pricing. I was not home during the installation but my wife said they were professional and cleaned after themselves. Installation was done in a day, faster than expected. Robert came out on time, and did a excellent presentation. Showed me what to look for when things go wrong, outside and on the app. Great personable guy, definitely has passion on what he does and is very knowledgeable.

"Very Happy With My Low Energy Bills"
Reviewed Oct 27, 2018

I got solar because I was tired of high electric bills, and SDGE does not get cheaper every year. Kelly gave me a very good pricing on the solar and she was informative and answered all my questions. She even gave me more answers than I needed which was very beneficial. Installation was very quick, I did not need to be home while the project was installed. The finished product was top notch. I was very interested in the solar app because it very important to see the levels of productivity. Solar edge app is really simple and very useful tool to monitor. The app isn't too much nor isn't to little. Robert came out and was very flexible with my schedule. Gave me a detailed walk through how to operate, shut down, and look for things that go wrong. Appointment was useful and informative. He was the cherry on top of the cake. I would highly recommend NRG to my friends and family.

"Great service with an awesome system!"
Reviewed Oct 19, 2018

NRG provided a system that was adequate spec'd based on my usage and executed installation with zero issues.Tiffany did an amazing job at taking care of all the scheduling and keep me posted every step of the way.

"Tiffany Swisa,Production Manager at NRG"
Reviewed Oct 18, 2018

Tiffany Swisa,Production Manager at NRG Clean Power was the best! She is super responsive and made the entire process of going solar easy. Tiffany's people skills are top notch!

"Tiffany Swisa is a Rock Star!"
Reviewed Oct 17, 2018

Customer service provided by Tiffany Swisa was outstanding! She worked very hard wit all players from sales to installers. She was amazing!

"Excellent quality and service - highly recommended."
Reviewed Oct 17, 2018

Tiffany was amazing as my project coordinator.
Always prompt, courteous and fully knowledgeable about the whole installation process, right through to the final inspection.
I cannot recommend her and her NRG team highly enough.
I am confident that I made the best choice when it comes to Solar...and I interviewed many other companies.
Best regards, Angus

"Glad I Chose NRG"
Reviewed Oct 12, 2018

Kelly very personable and nice. She knowledgeable about the product and seemed concerned about helping people money electricity. Solar is definitely an investment in the future. Tiffany kept me updated every time something happened or any changes that need to be done. She is a very good coordinator who helped us a lot throughout the project. Installers were very professional and got the install done quick. The installation took about 2 day to finish. Cleaned up after everything was completed and did not leave a single mess. Chris is an awesome person who also I think should be highlighted as well. Pleasure person to work with. Robert came out and gave me a general walk through what was installed and also the solar edge app. Solar edge app is a simple application to use to monitor your solar. I am in the process of using NRG again for my other house, since we had such an great experience. Great job overall!

"Quality Service and Experience"
Reviewed Oct 10, 2018

Kelly was very knowledgeable about the product she was selling. She explained the financials benefits of going solar and it made sense at the end of the day. Love the savings for sure. Installation was quicker than expected, took them about six or seven hours. Pretty quick for just having 2 guys. Cleaned up after the installation was complete, great guys overall. Robert showed us professional customer service. He made it very comfortable for me to understand how the solar works, makes me think I can install solar as well. Very helpful to know when to turn off the solar in case of emergency. App was easy to use and learn because Robert is exceptional at teaching it. Very friendly and on time, and patiently waited when I came a little late. My mom is very satisfied with NRG and the service they provided.

"Solar Panels"
Reviewed Sep 27, 2018

Reece was excellent, always kept in touch to update me on what happening next with the solar. Followed up with me every time and if I ever missed his call he would answer in a timely manner. Reece not only made the sales process easy but knew exactly what to say to keep me interested. Installers were on time, very easy to get along with. Any problems that would occur during the process they immediately would let me know. Robert came out to the property to finalize the inspections. Came out after my work schedule is a huge plus. System walk through was simple to understand thanks to the help of Robert. There could be room for improvement but 4 out 5 is good solid work for me.

"Confident and Comfortable with Solar"
Reviewed Sep 26, 2018

Robert was my quality control representative who came out to my property for a final inspection. Came on time, and is an energetic young man. Showed me step by step how to read and understand the solar box. Went through the monitoring system to compare my usage and my solar. His tutorial was spot on and easy to understand (a lot better than the detailed instructions they sent on the email). He made me feel very comfortable and confident on knowing what was installed. Which was very helpful because I am not a electricity savvy person. He is my number one man to contact because he is very knowledgeable, reliable and passionate in what he does. Installation crew took care of business quick and efficient. Cleaned up after project was completed, and did not see a single trash.

Reviewed Sep 25, 2018

Daniel was very good and knowledge about what he was selling. Daniel was straight forward and got to the point during the consultation. He made the sales process very simple. I heard about NRG from my friend who also got their work done from NRG. Installers worked very hard and did very good work on the house. Picked up after themselves each day of property, did not see a single trash out there. Panels look real good on the house. Installation only took a day which was very fast to my expectation. Sherry was our coordinator and she kept me informed every step of the way. Very prompt in getting back to me when I called. Robert came out to finalize everything and inspect the work of the technicians along with showing me how to operate the monitoring system. Solar edge app is very simple after Robert showed me step by step how it works. Believe me, I am not a tech guy but it was user friendly. I would highly recommend this company without a doubt.

"NRG Solar Review"
Reviewed Sep 24, 2018

On the search for solar I had a company named, Coast Energy Solution came out to give me a quote. They offered me little system with a high price point until I found NRG and they gave me a better pricing with better panels. Marco was knowledgable and gave you a good deal. Marco and I had a great relationshop and he made the sales process very easy. Installers did the job very quickly, I would say about 5 hours. Installers picked up everything and respected property. Alexis kept me updated on the project. Telling me step by step to finish the project. Robert worked well with my schedule, he came on time and did great work explaining how the solar works. Inspected the property, took some pictures with the drone and taught me how to use the solar edge monitoring. Solar edge is great application and is very easy to use and monitor. Great way to show your friends and family how your system is performing.

"Solar System"
Reviewed Sep 20, 2018

Leo was our salesman and he seems very knowledgable about solar. He was very nice and personable. Leo provided all the benefits of going solar and everything made sense so we went and sealed the deal. Tiffany was very prompt. She handled the project very well and kept me updated every aspect of the project. Tiffany worked well with the hiccups that went wrong with the house that delayed the solar. Job was completed while I was out of town and when I came home it was completed. I think the installation was quicker than I expected. Robert came out to do a last inspection to make sure things are going good. Took nice drone pictures of the house so we can obtain the photos to show our friends. His presentation really helped me understood what was installed. Great company would recommend.

"Go Green Go Solar"
Reviewed Aug 30, 2018

Daniel was referred to me by a highly trusted friend, and he came through with 5-stars as I knew he would. Very positive experience every step of the way. Installation went efficiently. Installation team cooperated very well with me. Cleaned up after themselves when they were finished. Really appreciate that the communication was spot on. They would keep my updated with the ETA. Alexis is very obvious she is very detailed oriented and she takes care of every aspect of the project. Robert came out to do final inspection, to make sure things were operating as they should be. He educated me on the online resources, and now I have an app to monitor my systems output. App is very easy to work with, and I can see every production day by day.

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"Very Pleased"
Reviewed Aug 27, 2018

I am very pleased with the work they did. They installed within 2 days and cleaned after. Sherry and Ryan were excellent to work with.

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"Clean and great price"
Reviewed Aug 16, 2018

My wife was very firm with using nrg for our solar and roof repair and boy I am glad I listened to her. Alexis and Lisa were a pleasure to work with. Clean work, good pricing, and we also received credit incentives. I wish I can give them 100 stars. Thank you.

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Reviewed Aug 10, 2018

This company was referred to me by one of my neighbors that had solar for 2 years. I wish I would have looked into solar a long time ago. Now that my bills are a few dollars I realize that I've been throwing away money all these years. I decided to finance the system since I did not have the cash upfront and Lisa from financing was really patient in explaining everything to me. If you have any questions I highly suggest speaking to her! Sherry was my coordinator and was on top of everything. I usually do not write reviews but have to share this with the anyone thats considering solar.

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"the team is fantastic"
Reviewed Aug 06, 2018

Ryan is a solar expert. He spent 2 hours with me going over all the necessary steps I need to upgrade me home that I've been delaying for almost 10 years. The good thing is I did not have to find multiple companies to do the work. Just finished and the outcome is beautiful. I would highly recommend Ryan and of course Sherry that helped me for 2 months.

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Reviewed Aug 01, 2018

Savings savings savings if your spending as much money as I do on utilities this company will give you savings. The team here is very knowledgeable and was so patient with my questions. The financing can save you instead of paying a big lumpsumb upfront. Highly recommend them for insulation, roof, and solar.

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"Highly Recommended Solar Company"
Reviewed Jul 27, 2018

Erez very knowledgeable, great personality and worked well around the whole chaos around the house. (Kids and Animals). All of the installation team was great. Picked up after themselves and respected the property. Job was completed faster than expected. We really liked the fact that they put the solar panels on the back side of the house, so its not visible on street view. Robert was our quality assurance rep and he was very accommodating on our schedule. He showed how the solar works and the application and it was easy. Great job on solar!

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"Great Experience from Point A to Z"
Reviewed Jul 26, 2018

Mike Newman was our sales rep, and he was able to explain the system in terms that we can understand. Mike made it very easy and painless to go solar. Mike seems very passionate about his job and I can see by the way he represents the company.Installation was done very quickly. They were able to install the panels in 4 hours. My husband and I really like the way the panels look on the roof. Alexis was our project coordinator and she was prompt. Should we keep us in the loop through out the solar process. If any changes that needed to be made she would kept us informed. Robert Dinh was our quality control representative, and he came out to inspect our system. Made sure we understand how everything operates. Its nice to know that once the project is completed someone comes out and helps us. Would highly recommend.

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"Excellent Performance from Start to Finish"
Reviewed Jul 25, 2018

Reece was excellent and very thorough understanding of what was going to be done. Reece went and called SDGE and got 12 month wrap sheet of my bill to system size my solar. Installation was done in 2 days, it was quick. Installers were very clean, paint matched the wires to match the house. City Inspector also complimented on how clean the install was. Appointment with Robert was excellent, showed me how to turn of and on the system. Showed me solar edge monitoring application. Drone was very slick and interesting. Excited to get the photos emailed to me.

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"Outstanding Service you expect from NRG"
Reviewed Jul 24, 2018

Reece was cool salesman. He was very patient and went over everything about the benefit of going solar. He worked with us really well with the finances and got a good competitive price. He was always available every time I had a question about something. He was very on top of things, came out many times to check up on us. He recommended us to cut down some trees to get the most potential sun light for the solar. Tiffany was well organized and kept me up to date on things that were happening to my house. She would let me know when installers would come, inspections, and files I needed to sign. There were three installers that came out to install the panels on my roof. I was amazed how fast and efficient these guys worked. Especially how well they cleaned up after the property. No trash, tools, or any left over debris from the installation. Robert did an exceptional job coming out here to show me how things work. He was very polite and educated with his products. Made sure I fully understand what was installed. Great person to deal with. No complaints at all, NRG worked very hard and I am pleased.

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"Solar The Way To Go"
Reviewed Jun 29, 2018

Comparing with 7 different companies I chose NRG because they got everything done very quickly within 2 days. They upgrade the panel box for free which was a plus for me. Installation was quick and clean there was no mess at all. Sherry always kept me informed on what to do next on the project. City permits was longer than I thought but they finally got my solar approved. Robert was helpful and he set up the monitoring program on our cellular devices. The drone was a nice surprise and by the looks of it, it took amazing shots.

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"Sherry knows best"
Reviewed Jun 11, 2018

These guys came in and knocked it out. Sherry took great care of us. Please ask for her if you are looking into solar.

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"Wonderful Experience"
Reviewed May 22, 2018

Matt was a good salesman. Made the sales process easy going. He could have been a little more knowlegable on my questions but he got the answers for us before we signed the contract. Idan was prompt and knowleagble about what was next for the project. Robert was our quality assurance agent, came to our house in a timely manner to show us how things operate. Would highly recommend.

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"Great Service"
Reviewed May 01, 2018

Reece was excellent. He was knowledgeable and communicated well during the appointment and made sure we understood everything. Alexis was our project coordinator and we thought she could have done a better job. She did not connect us to the right people and we had to find out our own source. Installation was quick and fast. Cleaned up and did not leave a mess and everything passed inspection. Robert came out to showed me how everything operates and hooking the monitoring system on my phone. Great person to deal with, answered all my questions to my satisfaction,

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"Nice savings"
Reviewed Apr 11, 2018

Very pleased with my installation. Idan was able to get my system up and running in half the timeframe that we had originally anticipated. Best part was opening my utility bill and not owing anything. Thank you Nrg

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Reviewed Apr 04, 2018

Gary came out to my house and was able to get me a bundle deal for solar with my roof since it was falling apart. I decided to go with Nrg for the roof and solar because of the professionalism and pricing. I am glad I did! Tiffany was very helpful and did everything fast. Mike and the crew did a beautiful job installing and left my house tidy which is always appreciated. If you ever have any question about the financing Lisa is very thorough and will help answer all your questions.

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"No Brainer"
Reviewed Apr 03, 2018

Marco our salesman was knowledgeable and explained the system very thoroughly and easy to learn. We looked at financial together, and it became obvious that I could save money every month by going solar. I've used the PAC program, which meant I did not have to pay any money upfront which was a huge plus. Alexis was persistent and always followed up with me. When I had questions, about the project she was happy to answer them, really friendly. Installation was fast and easy. They did a great job installing the solar panels, they look great on the roof. Robert from quality control was flexible in the meeting time and was prompt. Thoroughly explained the equipment and the monitoring.

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"Absolutely Great Experience"
Reviewed Mar 23, 2018

Installation team was extremely fast, clean, and very polite. Mario and Tiffany were both knowledgeable and handled most of the work to get me approved for the solar. I did not have to verbally deal and see the HOA, which was a huge plus. Any problems that occurred Tiffany and Mario would handle the situation for me. They were very pleasant to work with. Quality control with Robert was outstanding. Helped me out with setting up the monitoring system and explained how the solar operates.

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Reviewed Mar 13, 2018

Nrg Clean Power installed 21 solar panels on my roof and did a very clean job. Gary was very thorough in explaining all the benefits of going solar and was very patient with me and my wife. Alexis, the coordinator, was a pleasure to work with. Everyone was able to work around my schedule which is not always easy. The crew and service was ten stars and the price with the financing was also ten stars.

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"Very Excellent"
Reviewed Mar 07, 2018

We wanted to go solar because SDGE always mark up their prices over the years, and we wanted to be control of our electricity. Reese was very informative and give me all the details about going solar, and if we had any questions he would follow up with us with the answers. Tiffany was great to deal with. Installation was very friendly and cleaned up after themselves. Robert came out and fully explained the system and showed us the solar edge. We are very happy to see the production, and he did a great job in his presentation. Eventually we will upgrade our car charger to something more ECO.

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"Great Service Excellence"
Reviewed Jan 31, 2018

After doing some extensive research regarding solar power, I decided to go with NRG Clean Power.
From start to finish they just exemplified first class work and excellent customer service. My wife and I are thrilled to have our solar panels put up and could not be any happier. Contact this company if your going toward solar. Ask for Lisa, she goes above and beyond for you. Thanks a bunch Lisa!

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"NRG clean power Tiffany Swiss"
Reviewed Jan 29, 2018

Tiffany was invaluable coordinating and answering my questions regarding the installation of my two solar power system.
Thank you Tiffany

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"Great Work"
Reviewed Jan 21, 2018

I had a very good experience with NRG, everyone gave me excellent service. I like the fact that they always kept me notified about everything that is happening with the project. NRG respected my house and my family and kept everything organized. Robert is the cherry on the cake. He checked everything to make sure everything was working accordingly. I have no complaints about the company.

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"Very pleased with my solar"
Reviewed Jan 18, 2018

I had a really pleasant experience with Sherry, Ryan, and Lisa at NRG clean power. Ryan initially came out to my house to give me an estimate for a new roof and solar. After learning more about solar it was obvious we needed a good company that we can trust. NRG really stood out and I am glad I chose them because Ryan was able to get me financing and my bills close to $0. The best part is that I did not have to put anything down. Sherry was very organized and held my hand through the process. My system has been up and running for about 3 months now. I've already told a couple friends and they are also very pleased with this company so thank you.

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"Low Price - low service"
Reviewed Jan 18, 2018

Initially I was quite impressed with the level of service that I was receiving in regards to my solar quote. I was given an opportunity to answer questions about trees, home battery systems and the additional work I was wanting to carry out with the solar upgrades.

My first hint that this might not be the right fit came as I was trying to get a quote for additional EV charging and electrical work. They gave me a standard price since then I have found it was nearly double what other solar installers charge.

Next came in the actual site visit to address my home needs - I had prepared a "cheat sheet" with all of the items in regards to what I would like to carryout with the upgrade to take advantage of the generous federal 30% ITC.

The gentleman who arrived was late due to a previous appointment (not an issue) but he only stayed 15 minutes taking my information and leaving with "I can see that you are not ready to buy today" Well....I was willing to buy I am not going to go with a company who cannot listen to what I would like to do to my home and also if they don't care.

"I will get you a proposal by Tuesday" Today is Thursday and I doubt I will receive this quote,

Overall, the company looks great on the outside; but inside; it just does not seem to be very professional.

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"NRG Clean Power Stellar Customer Service"
Reviewed Jan 17, 2018

Best customer service by far. Tiffany Swiss took care of us throughout the entire process. Tiffany is on top of her game. The whole process from paperwork to installation was stress free. It wasnt just some sales pitch and then youre on your own, Tiffany is readily available for anything I need and is prompt in replying to emails. Needless to say Im very pleased with our new system and very happy with the way we were taken care of. Thank You Tiffany and NRG. Cant wait to use my air conditioner this summer. Definitely recommending you to others. Thank you.

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"Excellent services"
Reviewed Nov 29, 2017

Excellent services! I initially called after my neighbor had installed solar panels and was getting all the benefits and I wanted in. I spoke with Sean and he sent out Ryan to size my system. It took about 3 months from start to finish and the job was done VERY clean. They also provided me with financing which was so easy.

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"Great comapny"
Reviewed Nov 14, 2017

I looked into a few solar companies and NRG was able to give me the best financing. I was able to pay a quarter of my financing a month compared to my electricity bills so our decision to get solar was very easy. The process was lengthy but Sherry made sure too keep me updated which was very refreshing.

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Reviewed Nov 13, 2017

Just had out solar system installed and also did an attic fan. So far my bills have been close to $0. Solar looks great and they did a very clean job.

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"Good friendly company"
Reviewed Oct 06, 2017

We decided to use this company after meeting with 4 different people. They gave us a fair price and they work with good banks to get us the lowest interest rate. We did not want to lease our panels and they had the best solution. Their crews were nice and the job was completed within 1 month. I was very pleased overall.

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"Superb service"
Reviewed Oct 04, 2017

Simply the best! The entire process was extremely easy and their customer service was superb. They called every day to follow up and everything happened exactly as promised. The system looks great and installers were very professional. I received my permission to operate with my utility company after two weeks. I thought it would take months before I can start saving. I'm not complaining :)

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Reviewed Sep 22, 2017

Wanted to give a huge thank you to nrg clean power for their outstanding completion of our solar system. We were very hesitant at first about making such a big investment, but we do not regret it at all. It was worth every penny! My bill has now gone down to almost nothing. Thank you so much. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to save on otrageous electricity bills.

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"System installed 2 years ago and still running like new"
Reviewed Sep 21, 2017

We had our solar system installed about two years ago. Couldn't be happier with the results. NRG clean power listened to us and delivered exactly enough power to cut our bill down to what was expected around $30. I've never been happy to turn on my air-conditioning! Ever! After the install, the city inspector told us that he never seen such an excellently implemented install and signed off quickly allowing us to "start her up". Other great thing about the company is that they pay referrals for new clients that you send their way. I've already sent a couple to them.

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"Save thousands"
Reviewed Sep 20, 2017

Wonderful solar company that will help you save thousands of dollars a year. Well worth the investment.

Reviewed Sep 18, 2017

Best in the business! Thank you for the brand new solar system we couldn't be happier with the outcome

"Good company"
Reviewed Sep 18, 2017

My experience with nrg was smooth sailing from start to finish. Tiffany is a great project coordinator. She was really thorough on the process and made sure to keep me and my husband in the loop. The city took a bit long to get the permit but that was not their fault. I'm so happy I chose this company!

"Spot on"
Reviewed Sep 15, 2017

The reviews are spot on. I got quotes from various companies and the price beats the competition. The system designed for my new home was well explain. Every performance point was discussed on its pros and cons which made it a well understood system. The system walk thru with Denise also helped me understand how to work and operate my system. No complaints so far only great things!

"Love my new solar"
Reviewed Sep 15, 2017

Excellent and honest company. I'm really happy with Sherry our coordinator who went above and beyond to make us happy. My system has been running for 3 months now and receiving a $20 bill from $400. The work was also really clean so thank you to the amazing team that made this happen.

"PV System Install"
Reviewed Aug 10, 2017

NRG did an amazing job for me. Idan Shimony was exceptional in sticking to the timeline outlined in our contract and delivering on that timeline. Additionally, when we needed to rush a few things (through no fault of theirs) in order to meet deadlines, they went above and beyond to make sure we met those deadlines. The system delivered is a high quality system. I have been extremely happy with my system and during these really hot months it has eliminated almost my entire bill. Thanks Idan and NRG!

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"Going Solar"
Reviewed Jul 30, 2017

Daniel Sfadia was our "salesman" and he "sold" on going solar for our home. All of the staff were easy to work with(Lisa, Alana) and many others. Tiffany Swiss was our project manager and was on top of all the things that needed to be done. From start to finish she kept us informed with installation (plan, permits, etc.). She dealt with our questions and concerns either by phone or email the same day or the next day. She was always there to help.

Reviewed Jul 26, 2017

From experience I have learned that many people contact organizations and companies to complain about the service or products they have received, I am not that person. I want to let as many people know that I can that my experience with NRG, more specifically Tiffany Swiss is and continues to be one of the most enjoyable, professional and greatest experiences I can remember in many years. I am well over 50 years old and I come from a generation where the customer was mainly the focus and it is truly refreshing to say that she personifies all those qualities.
I have not had such an awesome company representative in years. She goes out of her way to make certain that I satisfied; she speaks with such a level of respect and courtesy that every conversation is a pure joy. I am hoping there some way that this can reach the highest levels of the company to let them know that she is above reproach, and outstanding employee and an all-around beautiful person. I will highly recommend Tiffany specifically to anyone I refer or engage about my experience with NRG. Thank you from my heart Tiffany!!!

Very respectfully,
Rev. Dr. Jerry C. Moore Sr.

"Solar Install"
Reviewed Jul 26, 2017

The assistance and support provided by Tiffany Swiss during our system installation was outstanding. She was always available for questions.

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"Best Service "
Reviewed Jul 01, 2017

We just got our solar system and we are very happy with all the se vice and equipment. Sherry Kashani our assigned case manager was outstanding we
Couldn't be happier. Gary Betchel project manager was the best, the installers were awesome and just the entire experience was great. Best solar company around!

"Thank You"
Reviewed May 15, 2017

Extremely smooth process. Thank You to Sherry and Denise for their professionalism and friendly help/guidance during the process. They were always ready to take my calls and help immediately with any questions. True customer service.

Also, a big thank you to the installers. Quick and efficient and barely new they were here.

Again, Thank You.

Allan, Livermore, CA.

"Tiffany "
Reviewed May 10, 2017

Tiffany made sure that the project got completed!

"Wonderful company and product!"
Reviewed Mar 27, 2017

Ive been having a great experience with NRG so far! My sales rep Daniel S. was extremely knowledgeable about the system and my potential savings. Not pushy at all which I really appreciated. Now during the permit, install and activation phase Tiffany Mizrahi has been doing an awesome job staying on top of everything for me and keeping me updated at every stage of the game. I cant wait for DWP to actually let me flip this system on so I can start creating my own energy.

"11 Stars!"
Reviewed Mar 14, 2017

When spending so much money on a system you want to make sure you go with the right company. I received 3 bids and although NRG was not the cheapest what they offer is the cherry on top of the cake. They offered us American made panels at a discounted rate... people no china products here! After Daniel gave us an estimate and explained the system to us he offered us.... wait for it.... 12 months no payment for financing. YUPPPP 1 year. When we got approved it was a no brainer to go with NRG. Sherry contacted me and was there from the start to the end of my project. The finance department also walked me thru my tax credit and helped me fill out the form... Talk about excellent customer service. Now that my system is up and running I am paying close to nothing. Can't complain here.

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"My very own power plant!"
Reviewed Mar 08, 2017

I had a great experience working with NRG Clean Power to install my solar system. Tiffany was my project manager and she kept every step of the installation moving along smoothly. I highly recommend this company -- every single person I interacted with, from the initial meeting, the contractors, the installers, was professional and knowledgeable.

"Thank You NRG!"
Reviewed Mar 02, 2017

I was skeptical of going solar and had lots of questions and concerns. Leo was the first person I spoke to about solar power and he was so knowledgeable and great to speak with that I decided NRG was the right choice. Our project was recently completed and I am so glad I went with this company. Each NRG employee I have interacted with has been amazing! From our sales rep, to project coordinator, to installation team. Very professional and willing to listen and address my concerns every step of the way. The estimated time frame to complete the installation was 3 months and they were able to complete it way ahead of schedule in just ONE month! The entire process was so easy, and I am a very happy customer!

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"Great Company, Great Product, Great INstallation!"
Reviewed Feb 27, 2017

I just had NRG Clean Power install a 27 panel solar system on my shake roof in San Jose. They did a great job and the system works perfectly. There is even a smart phone app that let's you monitor and track your power generation. I'm looking forward to reducing my PG&E electrical bill from ~$500/month to $0/month. The system will pay for itself in about 7 years!

If you are interested in a residential solar system, I highly recommend NRG Clean Power ,,, but ask to have Tiffany as your project manager -- she is the greatest -- she oversaw the project from start to finish and made sure everything was done just right. Thank you Tiffany!!

"We are so glad we are having our Solar done with NRG"
Reviewed Feb 22, 2017

Tiffany has kept us informed every step of the way. We LOVE our new roof! It sure came in handy the past couple of months. Doesn't the song say, "It never rains in California"? Well it sure has and we were so grateful they got the roof up before the rain started. We are excited about our new solar panels. We cannot say enough how glad we are that we chose NRG. Highly recommend the folks at NRG, especially Leo and Tiffany. They are easy to work with and very informative. They're always available to answer any questions we have.

"They made solar easy and painless"
Reviewed Aug 26, 2015

I used NRG to install solar on my home in Encino. The representative was much more knowledgable than all the other companies who we interviewed. I chose NRG because they allowed us to own our system and we were able to claim all of the incentives. They handle the entire process and made it very simple. Great organization to work with.

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