Installation and company we selected is easy to work with and efficient (American Array Solar). The biggest issue is getting the City of Belmont to perform the final inspection, a month after the solar panels and batteries were installed.

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11.2 KW system, enough to handle a Hot Tub, EV Charger, AC and electric HW Heater

Other Benefits:

We also added 2 back up batteries, so the system is virtually stand alone.

Maintenance Requirements:


My Motivation:

With PG&E bills rising yearly, we are getting tired of $5-600 monthly bills, the system will pay for itself many times over.


The availability with using Sage was great: made many more companies available, provided great education - knowledge was power when talking with the various companies. It put the SunPower and Sunruns in the shadows of our considerations.

Experience with Installer:

On site installers/electrician were great, efficient, explained things no problems.

Additional Notes:

Our biggest hassle was getting the City inspector scheduled so the system could be turned on, it took a month. Everything else was very smooth.

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