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30 panels installed on the north and west sides of the roof.

Maintenance Requirements:

Yearly cleaning provided free by the installer.

My Motivation:

To control energy cost and benefit environment.


Be patient. It was 2 months from initial payment to installation, mainly because of back and forth with the city on permitting. It took another 3 weeks to pass inspection, again because of back and forth with the city. And Duke Energy took 3 weeks to change the meter, then did not inform us for another week. All told nearly 4 months start to finish.

Experience with Installer:

Affordable Solar was great. The system operates perfectly. However, in their rush to leave at the end of install day they did overlook some minor things that the city caught during inspection. But the city missed something in the first inspection that they caught the second time, which delayed things further.

Additional Notes:

Our sunniest sides of our white tile roof are on the south and east, but they are also the most visible sides. To maintain curb appeal, we wanted the panels installed on the north and west sides. The sales, engineering, and installation folks were all understanding and agreeable to our wishes.

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