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14.76 Kw system split across 2 arrays. I also added a generator after installation of the solar panels

Other Benefits:

I've become the guy all my neighbors ask questions about solar so I've enjoyed the conversations and meeting new people. Most are amazed how it worked and the costs of purchasing with cash

Maintenance Requirements:

None really so far after 2.5 years. A squirrel chewed through a wire and it had to be replaces

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

I wanted to install battery backup. I have 2 air conditioners. The upstairs one was 5 years old and the downstairs one was 20 year old. Because of this and my power I needed 4 batteries at 10K each. 40K for battery backup was to much so I spent 14.5K on a whole home generator. That price included a 10 year maintenance contract. When I ran the numbers the batteries would carry us through 12 hours at full home usage. It would then take them 12 hours to recharge using the solar panels. Assuming the electric went out at dark and we ran on battery until the next morning we would be about out of battery power. The next day almost all the panel output would be needed to charge the batteries for the next night. If we used power during the day which we would then we have less power for night 2. By day 3 we would not have enough batter power to keep the house running. Yes we would conserve but 40K for 2 days at best was just to much.

My Motivation:

I wanted to reduce my monthly electric bill to almost $0 and recoup the savings as fast as possible to offset the cash purchase price. I figured it would also help with home value.


Get bids from multiple suppliers. Ask them for both loan and cash prices. Get info from a bank on their loans and compare. In my case I'll recoup my cash investment in 5 years and then have 20 years of free electricity. Solar can save you $ over the long run if you plan to stay in your house

Experience with Installer:

Lighthouse Solar of Austin was awesome. They communicated well and have been there to answer questions and support me now that the system is active.

Additional Notes:

I created a giant spreadsheet that had all the vendors and multiple columns of each vendors offers. Everything from price to warrant to repair costs. It sorted itself based on what my key items were and helped me settle on the top 3 vendors to negotiate with seriously. I am happy to share the spreadsheet if contacted and talk thru my whole experience

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