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LG Chem is a $26B profitable chemical company supplying lithium batteries to the world's leading manufacturers who make products we use everyday. LG's RESU home batteries are installed in approximately 180,000 homes worldwide making it the #1 home battery on the market. Known for delivering safe, reliable consumer products, LG's RESU home battery is another innovate technology that we'll use in our everyday lives.
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LG Chem is one of the world’s leading battery technology companies, with significant presence in consumer, automotive and stationary energy storage markets. Our company has been in business since 1947 and in the advanced battery business since 1991. LG's RESU home batteries have sold ~180k units worldwide.
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Should be out of (the Battery) Business

I am aghast no one has left a review, seems a little fishy to me since this product is so horrible that it makes waves across the entire industry. I have installed approximately 30 LG RESU battery's and I regret every, last, one of them. their product performs poorly, their support and response time is awful and overall we legitimately have had client's have to switch to a different battery brand due to LG not RMA'ing their battery OR the battery just not performing as needed (the fact that a Primary has to discharge fully before a secondary kicks in is possibly the worst design I've seen). This battery is slow to respond, has a BMS that can brick the battery if treated incorrectly, and LG takes for ever and are intentionally playing dumb as there are now literally thousands of these older RESU units either recalled or in need of being removed and returned to the manufacturer. Wish I could give zero stars.

Posted by joe on Jan 25, 2024
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