Better Earth installed the wrong inverter and caused our ceiling to collapse.


What You Need to Know

Maintenance Requirements:

Be careful who you work with. We fell for a smarmy sales pitch because they said they could delivery quickly. The quick delivery has come with untold maintenance burdens. The company, Better Earth, damaged our roof and drilled an extra hole in the roof, which caused our ceiling to collapse after it rained. They also installed the wrong inverter. We caught the mistake six months later. They never would have. Solar is great. But buyer beware.

My Motivation:



Don’t work with Better Earth. Read ALL reviews, especially negative ones. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Walk away.

Experience with Installer:

The Better Earth installers were horrible, incompetent, and without any quality control. How you can install an inverter 40% smaller than specified is beyond me. How you can drill extra holes in a roof and not patch them is beyond me.

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