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A Residential Solar Solution for your University's Community!

Impartial solar educational resources

Awareness of solar has never been higher and pricing never lower, but people don't know where to start. So they look to trusted resources, like their university or their employer, to guide them in the right direction. EnergySage hosts the largest amount of solar educational resources available today. We do not favor a particular vendor and our educational resources are unbiased – we are simply focused on being comprehensive and consumer-friendly. Guide your community to our resources so they can go solar with confidence today!

Reinforce your school values

Going solar fosters energy independence, clean air and water, and local economic growth. If protecting the environment and creating local jobs are important to you, a solar program is a great way to share that message. We support communication efforts by lending the expertise of our in-house marketing and design teams. Help your alumni and faculty contribute to a more sustainable society while tracking your campaign’s progress. EnergySage programs have some of the highest engagement in the industry.

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EnergySage empowers consumers through our transparent marketplace.

Universities value the environmental impact of their employees going solar.

 "This program will encourage our community to take advantage of the power of the sun at a competitive price."

John Meerts, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Wesleyan University

EnergySage offers a range of tools for your community.

Solar Learning Center

The most comprehensive, objective solar educational articles and videos available on the web.

Solar Marketplace

Vendor-neutral online comparision-shopping marketplace with live Solar Advisor support.

Solar Calculator

Immediate estimate of a property's specific solar potential, including solar economics.

Program Reporting

Track your program easily with real-time online reports.

Why work with EnergySage

Provide access to honest advice with expert Solar Advisors

Protect alumni and faculty from high pressure sales and poor-quality installers 

Enhance community engagement by connecting to a solar resource 

Support small & regional solar installation companies

Offer vendor-neutral solution through one provider

Leverage solar marketing resources at no cost

Curious about working with us?

EnergySage is the solar partner of choice for universities. View our partner overview PDF for more detail about how EnergySage partnerships work.

Your employees and alumni want their solar info from a trusted source like you:

savings over current market prices


cost to the university


of those quoted go solar

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