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What is a solar partner program?

A solar program is when an organization – such as a corporation, university, town or non-profit – encourages its community to consider installing solar energy on their home or business.  

Solar programs, sometimes called “solar campaigns”, provide consumers with a wealth of unbiased information about solar energy and help motivate people to look further into getting a system of their own. These campaigns are sometimes purely educational in nature, but they often include a means of helping participants to take action. This might include selecting a single, vetted installer or introducing people to a marketplace of installation companies.

EnergySage facilitates solar campaigns throughout the country using the Solar Marketplace as a platform for helping people take action on solar. Through these programs, the members, customers, residents and employees at participating organizations can access information about solar energy through a campaign webpage (also called a landing page). Those interested in reviewing real offers to install solar, can create an account to receive multiple online solar quotes from a network of vetted installation companies.

For example, EnergySage has programs with organizations like Staples, Kaiser Permanente, National Grid, the City of Cambridge and Environment America. These programs empower consumers with objective solar information and provide them with multiple solar offers that can be reviewed online in an apples-to-apples manner.

Why should your organization run a solar partnership program?

Offering a solar program not only serves your audience, it also helps your organization. There are many benefits, including:

Empowering your stakeholders

Awareness of solar has never been higher and the pricing has never been more attractive, but many consumers don’t know where to start shopping. A solar program with EnergySage will allow your stakeholders to take the first step to saving money and helping the environment. The EnergySage team will hold their hand throughout the process and help them get the best solar system at the right price.

Reinforcing your values

Solar energy fosters energy independence, clean air and water, and local economic growth. If protecting the environment and creating local jobs are important to you, a solar program is a great way to communicate that message and drive real change.

Building loyalty

Solar helps your stakeholders reduce electricity costs and the associated carbon footprint. By promoting a solar campaign, you will work to build stakeholder loyalty.

Protecting the consumer

Not all solar shopping experiences are the same. Aggressive sales practices can deceive consumers, ultimately resulting in dissatisfied customers who sign the wrong solar deal. Solar programs allow organizations to present their stakeholders with vetted solar solutions.

Measuring your impact

Want to highlight your contribution? An EnergySage solar program will automatically track participation and make it simple and easy for you to report on the success of your outreach efforts.

How is EnergySage a unique solar channel partner?

Price transparency

The EnergySage Marketplace provides access to over 500 pre-screened installers across 34 states plus DC. Your stakeholders can receive multiple quotes and compare them online on an apple-to-apples basis. This price transparency pays off. People who use EnergySage generally save $5,000 to $10,000 compared to those who work with a single installer. 

Shopping without the sales pressure

Unfortunately, many solar shoppers experience biased sales pitches from pushy salespeople. EnergySage offers your program participants a hassle-free solar shopping experience with honest, objective advice from start to finish through the online resources and the expert insight from the customer support team (called “Solar Advisors”). They can shop online at their own pace, putting consumers in the driver’s seat.

Proven results 

Partnering with EnergySage will allow your stakeholders to access a co-branded program webpage, reinforcing your brand. EnergySage data shows consumers are more engaged when they hear about solar from a trusted organization. With your endorsement, your stakeholders can shop for solar with confidence. EnergySage partners see some of the highest solar sales rates in the industry.

How do our solar programs work?

Your audience can go solar with EnergySage in just a few steps:

  1. EnergySage creates a co-branded landing page to serve as a starting point for your stakeholders
  2. You encourage your audience to start exploring solar by pointing to your landing page, using content and materials that EnergySage will prepare for you
  3. EnergySage helps customers through the process of comparing their solar options and provides access to real-time performance metrics in an online dashboard

That’s our standard model, but each partnership is unique and can be customized to your preferences. Some examples of past partnerships:

  • Programs with a revenue sharing agreement, so your organization receives a piece of the revenue when your participants go solar – like when non-profits fundraise through a solar program.
  • Competition within the program, allowing groups to compete with each other in completed projects and kilowatts installed – such as Sustainable Jersey’s contest for towns to generate the most participation.
  • Campaigns including incentives for the first group of customers to go solar – like how Staples offers gift cards to those who go solar.

Have a specific idea for your solar program? We often customize solar programs to partner’s specifications. Submit an inquiry using the form below to learn more!  

About EnergySage

EnergySage runs the largest, and only truly vendor-neutral, online solar marketplace. Developed in 2012 with funding from the US Department of Energy, EnergySage is dedicated to information, transparency and choice. Our suite of online tools and resources help consumers research and shop for solar.

Our rooftop solar marketplace presents property owners with multiple solar quotes from pre-screened installers in a unique apples-to-apples format, and provides live support from expert Solar Advisors. The Community Solar Marketplace provides community solar FAQs and connects customers with projects in their area.

In addition to making these tools publicly available, EnergySage works with a range of organizations – from utilities like National Grid to state agencies like The Connecticut Green Bank – to aid their audience in getting started with solar.

Want to learn more about solar partnership programs, or how EnergySage can help your organization?

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