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PV Solar installed Dec 2011. Another profile (same house): Energy audit completed June 2012 with $2,454 rebate from efficiency vermont, siding and re-insulation completed September 2012.

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7.5-Kilowatt Solar Electric Power System:  (30) Solar PV Modules, SolarWorld 255-Watt ea.  (2) Inverters SolarEdge SE3800US & SE5000US with Module MPPT and Data Monitoring  (30) SolarEdge PowerBox DC Power Optimizers, SB250-AOB  AC & DC Disconnect Switches

Other Benefits:

Realized savings are higher than expected, projecting closer to 9MWh vs the 7.4 spec'd. I realize PV solar will lose some efficiency over time, and I have not done any insolation modeling to see if this is "just a good year". I will at the end of the year. We also changed the oven and range from propane to electric. The induction stove is fantastic. I may expand the system it for an electric car if i can do it economically.

Maintenance Requirements:

In winter I sometimes snow rake the panels as the roof has a shallow pitch. The snow has naturally come off better than expected for that pitch.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

In another profile (same house): Energy audit and work completed June 2012 with $2,454 rebate from efficiency vermont. House (built in 1984) resided, which gave us the opportunity to seal the insulation bays and change insulation to StoneWool. Completed September 2012.

My Motivation:

Economics of saved energy dollars. Refinishing the house on a "permanent" basis, no major work will be needed for a loooong time, environmental concerns.

Experience with Installer:

Very good.


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