We love running our entire house using the power of the sun!

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We have (30) 230 watt Sunpwer panels on our garage and since our house is total electric, it supplies all of our power needs.

Other Benefits:

We love being powered by the sun and getting zero electric bills is an added bonus! No mess, no noise, very efficient.

Maintenance Requirements:

No maintenance and no added cost. We report our srecs via computer once a month and can monitor our production each minute of the day.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

For this system install we are taking down a few branches on a tree that is effecting the sun getting to the panels early in the am.

My Motivation:

The biggest motivator was saving money. After that came ..being better for the environment, capturing the power of the sun, using, wisely, the resources that God gave us.


We weren't sure solar was the way to go until we interviewed five companies and they all said the same thing about rebates etc. Then we realized that we could afford it. We made our decision to go with ReVision based on their vast experience with installs, over 3,000 and their presentation and pricing. Their references were rock solid and their product, Sunpower, are the most efficient panels out there. Their office did all the paper work with the town etc. They came when they said they would and it was a clean, quick job.

Experience with Installer:

We would highly recommend the crew at ReVision. Their presentation was very understandable and their install guys were polite, clean, did a great job! They have their own employees, including their own electricians, they don't hire outside contractors. ReVision was similar in price to 3 of the other companies we looked at and $10,000 less than one other company...it really pays to compare even with the same SunPower panels. The only thing we didn't like about the process was that it took National Grid a while to hook up the new meter outside.

Additional Notes:

Our house was the first install for ReVision Energy in Massachusetts. That means two things...learning permitting for Mass and having the job inspected by Mass. Heather at ReVision was great...she did all the foot work and paperwork. The state has to check the first few jobs of any new company of this type that is installed and ours was the first. After a half hour inspection, the inspector came in shaking his head and said...."I usually find 2 or 3 small things that need fixing..however, this is a perfect job!"

Open House Info:

We welcome anyone, anytime to see our panels and ask any questions they may have. You are welcome to park in the driveway or out front. We will be on the tour Oct 13 from 10-3. If you come at another time, please email and let me know you are coming or email me so that we may answer any of your quesions www.underhiswings1948@yahoo.com

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