We designed and installed a ground mount solar array on the roof of a brand new recycling building for Powers Distributing in Orion Twp., MI. This building is powered by the solar array. On the landing page of our website you can see a 3 minute YouTube video of the install. In the background there is a large landfill. The contrast of the landfill and the recycling building powered by solar is surreal. Please take a moment and watch the video!

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The system can be viewed in a short YouTube video on the main page of our website. It is unique because it is a ground mount array that is mounted on the roof. This will allow the snow to shed without building up on the panels, allows a better angle to the sun and will substantially increase the systems output.

Other Benefits:

It will help to decrease the air-conditioning load of the building by shading the roof. It will produce the power midday every day when the utility company rates are the highest.

Maintenance Requirements:

No maintenance at all. A solar electric system has no moving parts. Wind turbines and solar thermal systems do. It will just sit there and convert the sun's rays to electricity at the time the utilities need power the most, during their peak load, midday!

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

The company, Powers Distributing, also has invested in a fleet on Hybrid trucks. It is cool to see the hybrid trucks pulling into a recycling building that is powered by solar with a landfill in the distant background.

My Motivation:

Solar electric power can stabilize the power grid by supplying distributed power during peak load times. Once there is enough solar distributed throughout the grid it will be much more stabile. The existing power plants can power many more homes and businesses if solar removes their peak load.


Call Michigan Solar Solutions. They will not be pushy. They will work with you to see if solar energy makes sense for you. Approximately 35% of the customers that call them are told that they do not have good solar potential. This may be because they have too much shading, a roof that has too many peaks, valleys and dormers that will not allow solar panels and a yard too small for a ground mount array. They will be honest and let you know!

Experience with Installer:

Their commitment to ensuring everything was correct. Their follow up. They have contacted Powers Distributing several times since the install to give Powers the correct tax advice to maximize the credits. They also did press releases so Powers Distributing could maximize the marketing potential of their investment.

Additional Notes:

Check out the YouTube video on the front page of www.michigansolarsolutions.com

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