We love doing our part for the environment while reaping the benefits of creating our own energy (Very low to non-existent energy bills)

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We have the G3 Series panels from LG with the Enphase 215 Microinverters. We also installed the envoy system that allows me to check on the system any time I want with the simple to use app on my phone.

Other Benefits:

The solar panels act as radiant barriers to our home. Since the panels cover the entire side of the home that faces the sun we have noticed that the A/C does not run nearly as often.

Maintenance Requirements:

When I water the grass I spray the water hose on the panels. I also visually check for debris once in a while. Simple!!! We have had no issues.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

New home was energy efficient.

My Motivation:

We bought the home new in December of 2013. Three days after we closed we had the panels going up. I had worked with Circular energy for months prior to our closing. We wanted to know only do our part for the environment but we also wanted a system with a guaranteed return on investment. With the amount of rebates available. It's easy to see the return in the coming years especially as local energy companies raise rates to meet demand with our dwindling resources. (Our company raised rates 4% this year alone.) As the rates increase my ROI increases with it.


Put a little bit of research into what you are buying. I received multiple quotes and I dug into the manufacturers of each panel the companies wanted to sell. The LG panels for instance had a better efficiency rating along with other positives that helped me to choose the company I wanted to work with.

Experience with Installer:

We had an incredible experience with Jennifer Love and her team at Circular. We received quotes from a total of five companies and Jennifer treated us the best of them all. We also had a great feeling of trust from her that we did not receive from a couple of the other companies.

Additional Notes:

Everything for us went very smooth.

Open House Info:

Please contact me at Datarock@gmail.com if you are interested to learn more about my system. We live in San Antonio TX

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