Green Sky Credit - Profile & Reviews

Primary Line of Business

  • Financing Company

Green Sky Credit - Profile & Reviews

Primary Line of Business

  • Financing Company

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

We offer attractive solar loans!

More About Us

More About Us

GreenSky is a leading company in the consumer finance marketplace specializing in Home Improvement, Retail, Unsecured Loan options and Patient credit. We have built relationships with dealers, retailers and providers in all 50 states. We service our portfolios through an exceptional loan servicing organization which is SSAE 16 Type II compliant. Our corporate headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia with a second operational facility in Covington, Kentucky.
Since 2006, GreenSky has played a critical role in transforming small business and consumer credit, enabling more affordable and more pervasive access to financing. Our company's people, process and technology solutions improve customers' lives.
GreenSky serves customers ranging from the world's largest and most demanding businesses, to small and medium businesses, and consumers nationwide. GreenSky is recognized for its ability to provide customized credit solutions that enhance sales.

Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Solar PV

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
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"Predatory Lenders"
Reviewed Jun 21, 2019

I had a company do work on my home who use GreenSky. Due to unethical business practices of the original company, I believe the loan fell through and they had to give the money back to GreenSky. GreenSky came up out of nowhere with some unexplainable amount. I believe they are trying to intimidate me into paying finance charges on a non existant loan. I told them I want something in writing and was told " we dont do that" I also asked if the original company had to give back all the money and was told "we can't tell you that"

"Worst policies"
Reviewed Jan 22, 2019

Going through a divorce and they won’t transfer the account to my ex husband, who was more than willing to take the loan, having to sell the house now because of this and they will not put a lein on the house to protect themselves and myself.

Reviewed Nov 01, 2018

We paid them off a month ago. They cashed the check and still have not credited our account. We spoke with numerous managers and no one can do anything. This is seriuosly one horrible company. 0 stars

"Worst Solar Finance company ever!!"
Reviewed Oct 22, 2018

DO NOT use this company to finance your solar deal. If you are are Solar company do not use the company to finance your deals. They are the biggest waste of time ever. Their company has the worst communication of any company I have ever dealt with. They steal money from you and hose and harass your customers

"paid off early"
Reviewed Oct 08, 2018

we paid our loan off two years early after making 2 an 3 payments at a time. got the pay off amount, and wrote a check to pay off in full. Have a copy of the canceled check from our bank which shows it was cashed 5 days before the actual due date. Now getting late payment calls. Have sent twice a copy of the canceled check, and this matter still has not been resolved. Never again will we do business with this company,

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"Billing statements VERY deceptive"
Reviewed Sep 27, 2018

I have a 0% loan same as cash for 12 months however they include the interest on the bill and in amount owed. they should only show the balance before the interest but it shows I'm being charged interest every month. When I tried to call them I cannot speak to a person!!!

Reviewed Aug 27, 2018

I will never do business with Greensky again. They do not post payments in a timely manner. I've made 23 payments and GREENSKY takes at least 1 week to post my payment AFTER they've received payment. I pay all my bills thru Bank of America. Everyone except GREENSKY post the payment same day. GREENSKY's dishonest business practice results in higher interest than should be charged. STAY AWAY FROM GREENSKY !!!!

"It took me a year to realize i was getting screwed"
Reviewed Aug 15, 2018

Im going to make a long story short: I got a loan for $11,895 for a necessary home improvement in out basment for structural purposes. I will have to pay this loan over the next 12 years... the interest will have me paying $19,000 total about $7000 in one explained this to me

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"Liars and crooks"
Reviewed Aug 07, 2018

Don't believe anything these people tell you. They are liars & Crooks just like Power Home Remodeling. They issued out funds in my name without my approval. The work on my home is still incomplete! Yet they expect me to pay for inferior and incomplete work. Customer service is non existent. Do not do business with these people you will regret it!!!

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"Horrible company to deal with"
Reviewed Jul 30, 2018

2nd worst company I have dealt with in 45 yrs. 1st is Feldco for financing my project with this company. Takes half a month for a payment to post to your account, so, when the payment is due on the 1st, you better send your payment by the 15th of the previous month. It takes 15 days to post a credit? in this day and age of computers and instant everything? Yeah, right. Run don't walk away from any credit from this company and any company that attempts to put you with them.

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"they are alful"
Reviewed Jul 28, 2018

I ordered Anderson Windows they use this company green sky. no one tells you that when you do this the same as cash amount goes as a loan from the bank they choose and do not tell you about ahead of time. It crashed my credit from mid 700 to mid 600s. it also appears as if you are not making payments on your credit. Then when i saw this i quickly cancelled the windows. They said they can cancel the windows at Anderson but they cannot cancel the Green sky Credit loan on the bank. I could not reach green sky they would not help me played games. They dont want you to cancel. I was not told it would show as unpaid loan for the six months. wow never ever use this company. It stayed on credit really long and even the bank they used it at would not cancel it. Anderson would not cancel greensky. ALFUL waste of my time. and hurt credit.

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"Liars. Changed everything said."
Reviewed Jul 23, 2018

Jessica lied about everything she said. They said I had a loan which was canceled by the company. They also said that all of the work was completed none of the work was completed. I would never ever recommend this company for any kind of business because they are liars. Between green sky and easy energy/EnergySage they are both crooks!!

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"Taking care of business"
Reviewed Jul 16, 2018

I had a billing error upwards of $750 so I called in to see what could be done. I was expecting to be on the phone for a few hours and to be transferred 15 times but the first person I talked to, Mike three way called the billing specialist Jonathan who took care of the problem right away. Entire process took 20 minutes. It was very nice and surprising that a company gives their first line the authority of discretion to take care of problems like that. After that a supervisor came on the line for some quick quality control to make sure my greensky experience was everything they want it to be. Color me impressed

"Protecting their customers personal information"
Reviewed Jul 12, 2018

I contacted this company regarding a mistaken email that belonged to one of their clients. They were the only company out of many whom I contacted, which replied to me and assured me they would contact their client and inform them of the problem. I don't know much about the company, but I can say they are responsive to making things right for those they serve.

"Intentionaly Screwing me out of earned rewards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Reviewed Jun 21, 2018

I redeemed over 26,000 in reward points on my Green Sky/Benjamin Moore Mastercard account on 5/7/18 and ordered two $100 and one $50 dollar gift cards for Bass Pro Shops. I noticed they subtracted the 26,000 points from the total and left me with 1,643. I didn't get a reference number or an email. Then I received a letter on 6/4/18 saying all Gr. Sky/ Benjamin Moore master cards were being closed on 7/13/18. So I called Green Sky Credit on 6/12 /18 and was told to call back if I haven't received them then. I called today and was told they weren't honoring any rewards under 50,000 points and didn't have any record of my order.

"Shady business practice"
Reviewed Jun 21, 2018

I am refinancing my house with a cash back and debt payoff. I have tried several times to get the required payoff statement. They keep saying they faxed it, emailed it and sent a paper copy. I never received anything. Talked to supervisor she said she would put a rush on it. Nothing. Had my loan officer call with me. Exact same results. They don’t want to miss out on the interest if I pay it off before the year. The refinance might fall through because of them. I owe 50,000 that will go to 100,000 if not paid within the year. Shady business.

Reviewed May 22, 2018

Just got off the phone after 1/2 hour of being stressed and harassed!!!
Had all the paper work done at the home depot... put a $1,000. down and wanted to finance 3,000. my credit is great! they wanted to loan me $15,000. This company is so ineffective, stupid and rude! I want to sue them for the stress they cause me.

"Great service. Awesome customer support!"
Reviewed May 07, 2018

Okay so first and foremost I was attract to this company and the financing service they're offering because of their rates and fees. It almost seemed to good to be true but my gut told me to give them a shot after some consideration. Well, now I'm glad I did because in the end everything worked out just as advertised! This company is a gem in the financing industry and I only wish they were more known because I stumbled upon them accidentally, and I was originally planning on going with a bigger financing company. Anyways, things worked out perfectly and I'm super excited having found out about GreenSky Credit! :)

Thank you!

"Worst customer service and no help"
Reviewed Apr 03, 2018

We were lied to by the Solar company we used to install our solar panels. We were told that we would get our solar credit and be able to pay off first loan by Apr 15th. Well, you don't get the full refund credit, the government holds those refund funds for 5 yrs and deducts any taxes you might have to pay in the next 5 yrs, if you don't owe you loss. I asked Greensky to refinance the one loan and bring the interest rate down to the second loan of 3.99%. The customer service rep, said well your credit wasn't good enough at the time of loan to give us 3.99%. Well both loans were made at same time, large loan is 3.99% but the smaller loan at 23.99%. I have questioned them over and over with no reply. The customer service went so far as calling me a lair. I have shared my opinions to the solar company and they are no help either. Five calls and still nothing done. My suggestion is find another finance company, this company sucks !!!!!!!! Had to give them ones only because no zero's.

"Careful paying off your balance"
Reviewed Feb 28, 2018

Buyer beware!! paid off my balance 2 months prior to deadline. They withdrew the money out of my bank but continued to send me past due invoices. If you call them your call is going to go around and around with no results. Three hours on the phone now and no luck getting help.

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"Fast, easy financing"
Reviewed Feb 14, 2018

Fast approval. No additional fees. No interest paid on garage door installation service and I waited until the last month to pay it all in full. I guess people had issues when they set up reoccurring payments, that's why I didn't have the same experience. But looking now to finance my kitchen remodel through them. Thank you green sky

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"Intentionally tried to screw us"
Reviewed Feb 09, 2018

I attempted to make a full payment with time frame that would not collect interest. Aftet making the payment in full which even the "payment plan specialist" confirmed was the full amount. I received another bill with "late fees" and interest. I can't believe that any company with an integrity would do busy with them or even attempt to mislead you into a loan with them. This a con group more than anything

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"Would give ZERO stars"
Reviewed Jan 18, 2018

Unbelievable. They offered no APR for one year. Started paying my bill and there it is - a finance charge on my account! They say they will reimburse you once the account is paid off ? Are you kidding me ? I want to pay off my balance not my balance and the APR.

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"Steals $$$"
Reviewed Sep 16, 2017

My new AC system was financed through Greensky (no choice) for 18 months interest-free. I made the last payment and they took out an additional $500 for no reason but to steal my money. I've talked to supervisors and managers and I can't get my $500 back. It actually shows a $500 credit balance on my account. I'm going to have to file a lawsuit in small claims court to get my money back. I cancelled my account so they wouldn't keep taking my money out of my checking account (hopefully), but that remains to be seen. DO NOT deal with Greensky. I can't believe they have not been put out of business. They violate every law on the books and they are still operating.

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Reviewed Sep 08, 2017

I paid my loan 100% and green sky still deducts monthly payments.can't get a response from anyone at the slimy company.i only give 1 star because 0 isn't listed.

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"Worst service ever!"
Reviewed Sep 08, 2017

GreenSky sent me a contract written in Spanish. I can't read Spanish and asked for a contract in English. Got a second contract in Spanish and no matter how many times I tried GreenSky this past four months I can't get an English contraact. I have tried to enroll in the customer portal so that I can check payments, etc. After four months and many calls and attempts I cannot go online with the GreenSky system. I wrote a peronsal letter to David Zalik, C.E.O,, asking for help with NO REPLY! The company brags about good service and their integrity but it is nothing more than a lie!

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Reviewed Aug 28, 2017

They don't give details about your loan as they should and I think this is a combined evert between the vender and green sky, they sent me terms late in the mail dated before the mail had the chance to reach me , they sent the term late so the vender time limit would expire to resend the sell, and made it easy for the vender to make the approval for the loan on the spot letting you think you will have to wait and then have time to review the terms not true vender told me I had approved the loan on the spot and signed a paper to prove it ,and I did because he misled me to believe I was signing something else read small print and have it checked with lawyer ,Their small print reminds me of the disclaimer on TV adds. You cant read them as fast as they push you to sign the paper work and when they explain the paper work my feeling is they lie. I FEEL THE VENDER AND GREEN SKY ARE ON THE SAME TEAM, I am a basket ball and they are throwing me back and forth to make their goal. A SLAM DUNK, that's me and the only thing I can do is pay for the ticket to be in the game. But just to show you they are good sports they let you ride the MARRY-O-ROUND for free but , you have to pay up front to have someone to let you off , the cost is whatever interest they decide you will pay and of cores after paying interest up front you can pay off the loan if you don't like how they are treating you. This is how they make their money and get it back quick , advice DONT DO IT ! disclaimer wish I could write this to small to read everything I wrote is how I believed to be true or not. They are asking me to rate value, from one to ten one being bad my rating would be negative ten. They are asking about quality what quality ?there was none. They are asking about service , In case you didn't know after reading this bad. They ask me about responsiveness lets see if they are, so far no. I am sorry for everybody who has had a bad experience with the way they call business I say this because this is the only SORRY you are going to get. JACK. N

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"Predatory loans, bait and switch terms"
Reviewed Aug 17, 2017

I entered into a loan where my understanding was 18 month promotional period with no interest as long as the body of the loan is paid. Turns out terms are exactly opposite, in that your listed monthly payment is ONLY paying interest for 18 months, with none of the monthly payment applied to principal.

You will be charged the interest every month, and additional principal must be paid on top of it in order to pay off your loan. This is explained almost nowhere on a website that barely works. If you did not have the money to pay it off in full there would be no way out of this type of loan.

Customer service will be happy to remind you 'you signed a contract'

This company is here only to take your money. AVOID AVOID AVOID.

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"Absolutely awful."
Reviewed Apr 11, 2017

Made account online to review statements and pay bills. Then you have a separate account to actually pay the bills. Well then every time you try to log on the password needs to be reset. Literally call them up once a month to reset password. It's been five months now. This is not a situation of forgetting it. I write it down and its there next to my computer and labeled. They have no explanation for it. They also charge interest before services are rendered. Go with one that can also follow through with the loan... It's been the worst experience I've ever had.

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"Tring to pay bill."
Reviewed Feb 09, 2017

Signed contract for windows with Window Nation. Have setup account as directed with GreenSky. Tried to access and told that input was incorrect. Requested password oas directed on site and told that my email address does not exist. Checked by trying to set up account only to be told that account alresdy exists. Still no joy and no email response. On another note, they spelled my name incorrectly. Not very professional.

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"Poor customer service "
Reviewed Jan 30, 2017

I have had a loan with GreenSky for the last 2 1/2 years. A few month's ago I tried to refinance my mortgage and the mortgage company wanted a copy of my latest statement. I have made no fewer than 6 calls requesting a statement but no statement arrives. They verify my address for the umteenth time and a post card so I know they have the correct address but still no statement, just keep asking me to wait for it. They won't fax a copy to the company and they won't send me a copy via email citing security
The mortgage company is getting fed up with me and I am losing out on saving on my mortgage.
I won't recommend anyone opening an account with this company because they don't take care of their clients.
I won't recommend anyone opening an account with this company because they don't take care of their clients!

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