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About Green Sky Credit

GreenSky is a leading company in the consumer finance marketplace specializing in Home Improvement, Retail, Unsecured Loan options and Patient credit. We have built relationships with dealers, retailers and providers in all 50 states. We service our portfolios through an exceptional loan servicing organization which is SSAE 16 Type II compliant. Our corporate headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia with a second operational facility in Covington, Kentucky.
Since 2006, GreenSky has played a critical role in transforming small business and consumer credit, enabling more affordable and more pervasive access to financing. Our company's people, process and technology solutions improve customers' lives.
GreenSky serves customers ranging from the world's largest and most demanding businesses, to small and medium businesses, and consumers nationwide. GreenSky is recognized for its ability to provide customized credit solutions that enhance sales.

What Customers Are Saying

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I opened an account with them to get a roofing project started while I worked on getting other financing. The first charge was on January 11. Eight days later, they added $146.48 in interest. Insane! I didn't even have a chance to pay the balance before interest was added. I should have used a credit card. That way, I would have had at least a month to pay the balance before interest was added. I can't think of too many instances when it is a good idea to use a credit card, but this was definitely one of those. I paid the entire balance to get away from these crooks.

Posted by bjhuthdc on Jan 29, 2022
Loan shark

This company is a loan shark. They charge an outrageous amount of money for interest and will recalculate you payment so they can suck more money out of you for the long term. Use a bank instead of the crocks

Posted by mouellette3 on Jul 27, 2021

It is stated that our payments are applied the moment they are received. It is NOT TRUE. They are two months behind on our payments. I put it in writing & wrote to GREENSKY PO BOX 29429 Atlanta GA, 30359 and all they sent was a letter of pay off amount??? They did NOT correct the error. They also tried to put on "late fee's" when we were paid MONTHS ahead by $1000.oo & than they had to return the late fee's . Our Interest is off and our balance is off monthly because they will not properly apply our payments when received. We sent written notice & called they have ignored our requests to fix this problem" of applying our payments late." Calling the numbers on their correspondence is a parrot talking and they say put it in writing. We have several letters. Resulting in the WRONG INTEREST & PRINCIPAL BALANCE EVERY month on our Monthly statements. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH GREENSKY !

Posted by williquetteglenn on Mar 13, 2021
Macy - Great customer service

Macy was very helpful and knowledgeable. Suggested a faster and better way to fully pay my account without delay and without going to Post Office. Cheerful and very pleasant to talk with. I appreciate customer service people like her.

Posted by jegs_2005 on Feb 25, 2021
Not a Customer, Want my Data Back

The situation is that I had a late night emergency at my home. The tech who fixed it said that they have loans thru Green Sky so I said great. I called the number he gave me, had to input a LOT of personal data only to THEN hear, “We’re closed.” I had to pay the bill in full which was okay. What is NOT okay is that I called Green Sky and asked for my data to be deleted. They have refused. I called the company that supports them, Fifth Third Bank, and they said they needed it for recordkeeping and I needed to call Green Sky. So to be clear - I have no account with Green Sky and never used their services and yet I can’t get my data deleted. And, because they set up their system to NOT tell you they are closed first, you will input all your data and they keep it. Shame on them!

Posted by westello on Feb 04, 2021
No protection from bad retailer service

From the GreenSky web site: What if I have a problem with my merchant, the loan or your company? On behalf of all funding banks participating in the GreenSky® Program, we want to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the GreenSky® Program. If you ever have any concerns that we should be aware of, please do not hesitate to contact us at We will work on behalf of your lender to try to resolve your concerns in a way that is professional, transparent, and fair. BS - Called when we were unhappy with the retailer's service (3 day blinds, see their terrible reviews elsewhere) and were told they wouldn't help, go look at our contract. Any credit card company would have put the transaction under dispute. STAY AWAY!!

Posted by dscarson38 on Dec 30, 2020
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