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20 panel, 6kW LG Neon 2 all black panels with SolarEdge optimizers to mitigate against some minor shading throughout the year from trees and the chimney.

Other Benefits:

Keeps the roof cooler in the summer, helping to lower the AC cost. Protects the roof from the elements to extend lifetime.

Maintenance Requirements:

None required, although I like to spray them down in the spring when the pollen load is high. I did test this and the actual increase in kWh production from a cleaner panel does not appear to be very significant. I washed down half the system and left the other half dirty. I looked at a couple days (not very scientific) and found that panels that produced a similar amount of kWh had roughly the same production if one was covered in pollen and the other was clean. Some of this is likely because it looks like way more pollen from a ~45 degree angle and "clean" may actually not really be all the different than covered in pollen as the wash down may not have removed much of the material, just helped it blend in better from the distance.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

House is air-sealed and insulated. Recent improvements include new EnergyStar windows (Pella), a hybrid air source heat pump hot water heater, a hybrid catalytic wood burning fireplace and LEDs throughout the house.

My Motivation:

It's the right thing to do. Pays for itself in just a few years, reduces our carbon footprint and looks really nice up there! Wins all around.


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Experience with Installer:

Professionalism at its best! Great team effort and fun to work with.

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