I am a custom home builder and wanted to go solar for many reasons. A big reason was to show my customers that it works, is a smart investment and a no brainer when you plan to stay for the long term. I encourage my clients to consult with Standard Energy to see if solar makes sense. Solar doesn't work for all homes but I trust Standard's high level of integrity when it comes to advising my clients.


What You Need to Know


I have two pole mounted systems and roof mounted as well.

Other Benefits:

I produce a large majority of my home's energy from solar. I walk the walk so I can speak confidently with my clients that solar is a good investment.

Maintenance Requirements:

I tilt the pole mounts twice a year to maximize efficiency. Otherwise, no regular or routine maintanence is required.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

I buiild all my homes to be energy efficient. I also installed small wind turbines.

My Motivation:

I wanted to utilitze clean enregy to power my home, save money and isolate myself from a utility company that is constantly appling for rate increases with the Publc Service Commission.

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