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Standard Energy Solutions - Profile & Reviews

SES is an energy solutions company specializing in solar PV, energy efficiency, energy monitoring and emergency backup. From performing an energy audit to managing the retrofit project, our EE team will help you reduce the energy you consume while improving the comfort and indoor air quality of your home.

Our Solar team will custom design a solar PV system for your home and manage the project from start to finish. The finish is just the start with SES. We remain as your partner to ensure your system produces up to expectations.

Our Service team is ready to ensure your system uptime and assist when automatic monitoring diagnostics alert us. Our monitoring solutions will help you to not only measure your solar production but can give you visiblity on what you purchase from the utility as well. The monitoring data at your finger tips is a valuable tool for any homeowner.

Most don't realize a solar PV system is not operational during a power failure. SES has installed and maintained battery backup systems for over 7 years. These systems can provide emergency power, energized by solar, for dedicated loads during a grid outage.

Addiing an optional generator to this configuration creates a micro or nano grid; A small-scale power grid that can operate independently or in conjunction with the area's main electrical grid.

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  • "Poor Customer Service"

    Reviewed Mar 06, 2020

    I had my Solar System installed by Standard Energy Solutions approximately 9 months ago, and as a result of the installation I have a roof leak. I called to see if someone could come and check it out, but they have not sent out anyone yet, it's been a week. I called again and I'm still waiting to hear back from a service tech about my leaking roof. It seems to me once you spend your money on the system, they are done with you and don't care about problems that may arise. So be careful about doing business with this company.

    James K.

  • "Very difficult to work with"

    Reviewed Jan 25, 2020
    "Very difficult to work with"

    Reviewed Jan 25, 2020

    Steve and Bobby seemed very pleasant before we started the project, however, after the work was done and items in the contract were not executed upon, they became completely unresponsive to emails and calls. It has been 6 months of following up, to no avail.

    I would be very cautious about working with Standard Energy Solutions.

  • "techs replace microinverter and didn't mention wires chewed thru"

    Reviewed Dec 02, 2018
    "techs replace microinverter and didn't mention wires chewed thru"

    Reviewed Dec 02, 2018

    This summer I noticed on the Enphase site that one panel was not reporting. Standard Solar installed both our arrays. Enphase sent us a new inverter. I contacted SES (the successor owner) to have them replace the inverter. It took over a month to schedule a tech. When the tech came out and replaced the inverter, They made no mention of the wires chewed thru. They took a photo and left. I found out a week later when I asked their "customer service" about why the inverter was still not working. The tech had given the photo of the chewed wires to her. No mention to us and we were home when the tech replaced the inverter. No mention to us from SES until I contacted them. "Customer service" sent us a contract to install critter guard. I requested the wiring repair and declined the critter guard. "Customer service" replaied via email."OK, thank you for letting me know" 2 follow up emails to SES and ZERO reply to scheduling the repair. Over a month has pasted without any repair scheduled. My house is under contract for sale and the buyer is expecting the panel to work. SES is aware of this. Standard Solar was terrific about customer contact and service. SES is terrible. I will not recommend them to anyone.

  • "They did over 10k of Damages to my House"

    Reviewed Oct 12, 2018
    "They did over 10k of Damages to my House"

    Reviewed Oct 12, 2018

    Standard Energy Solutions sold us solar panels and told us they guarantee against leaking. I have extensive damage to my house from the damage. A representative came yesterday and stated they would take care of everything then someone from CA called today to so no they would not. They did not live up to their contractual obligations. Poor craftsmanship, poor customer service and a poor product. Nothing good to say.

  • "Friendly, prompt, good communication"

    Reviewed Aug 03, 2018
    "Friendly, prompt, good communication"

    Reviewed Aug 03, 2018

    I'd highly recommend. Of several PV companies I approached about replacing a microinverter, only Standard Energy Solutions responded in a manner I interpreted as wanting to help out - both in availability and the cost of the service.

    Communication with SES was positive, and they reached out to me when the tech needed to move the appointment up a day. Tech arrived first thing in the morning and had the microinverter replaced in short order.

    I will address any future issues with my PV array to this company as my original installer is no longer in business.

  • "Solar PV Installation"

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2016

    I was very happy with SES and I would hire them again. The people I dealt with were always very helpful and accommodating.

    I got estimates for my PV system from several companies. One of which was the company I had used 8 years ago to install my solar hot-water system. That hot-water system provided some challenges in terms of the layout for the new PV system on my roof. Comparing all proposals I decided to go with Standard Solar because I felt they did not promise anything they couldn't deliver. Overall the installation itself went without any problems and was very fast. They finished installing the panels within one day if I remember correctly. There were challenges along the way only due to scheduling issues. I had to have my roof replaced prior to installing the PV system. The new roof required my existing solar hot-water system to be taken down first - this was done by a sub-contractor of Standard Solar - and put back up after the roof replacement, and due to the bad weather during that time the schedule was pushed back several times. This was unfortunate but nobodies fault.

    Once the PV system was installed BGE was dragging their feet for a while to install the net meter and BGE also made a mistake with the billing not recognizing the net-metering but all of that was resolved after a few phone calls. Standard Solar was extremely helpful and pro-active in addressing the issues as best as they could.

    In the end, my family had a 5.4kWh system (20 panels) that has been working great for the past 22 months.

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  • "great company"

    Reviewed May 22, 2016

    prompt, efficient and very responsive to questions and suggestions. Went out of their way to meet my needs. returned immediately even though it was after hours to fix a small problem.

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  • "Everything as expected"

    Reviewed May 17, 2016

    Standard Energy Solution's crew explained many things along the way, so nothing unexpected popped up.
    You do have to research solar technology a bit to know what's out there, as the initial proposal was revised when I found out other options that was available.

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  • "Happy Solar Home Owner "

    Reviewed May 17, 2016

    Standard Solar (now Standard Energy Solutions) installed solar panels on my home in 2010. The company took care of everything- county/city permits, home owners association application, coordination with the power company, reimbursement from state and federal credits and more. My monthly electric bill has been miniscule since 2010. The customer service has always been so responsive, professional and complete. Standard Energy Solutions is the Best!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Standard Energy Solutions Headquarters

9520 Gerwig Lane, Suite Q
Columbia, MD
21046 US

Workmanship Warranty

Warranty against defects in workmanship for a period of 10 years. The items covered include workmanship on assembly of racking, electrical wiring, conduit, flashing, and roof sealants.


Building Performance Institute
Efficiency First
Maryland Clean Energy Center
MD Home Performance with Energy Star Program


NABCEP 091209-38


General Contracting 15868707
Master Electrician MD 12938
MHIC Contractor 132331


Commercial General Liability
Automoblie Liability
Umbrella Libability
Workers Compensation & Employers' Liability
Professional/Pollution Liability

States served by Standard Energy Solutions

  • District of Columbia DC ,
  • Maryland MD ,
  • Virginia VA