16,000 watt Solar PV System Provides 160% of electric energy for this home. Because of this electric production the net utility monthly demand is Zero Witch translates to The Electric company owes the home owner money for the extra power that was produced and sent back to the grid for other customer use. This is a large part of this home owners retirement plan. No electric bill! An average monthly savings of over $400 per month.

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Average Annual Savings


Energy Needs Met


or more of electricity

Energy Needs Met

75% to 99%

of hot water

Energy Needs Met


or more of space heating

Energy Needs Met


or more of air conditioning

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What You Need to Know


There are no moving parts or noisy fans to deal with. This system silently replaced are electric bill entirely!! The contact at Geoenergy, LLC was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in a every aspect of the project and was my single point of contact... No passing the buck like with other contractors !

Other Benefits:

Saves tons of carbon being emitted into the air that we breath every year. Saves thousands of dollars yearly that would have be spent on electric power. They were always on time and and met there commitment to us the customer.

Maintenance Requirements:

There is really 0 maintenance for us. If there is any maintenance that would arise it is covered for 25 years under the warranty.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

This home is heated and cooled with a geothermal heat pump that provides between 75-100% of the domestic hot water needs of this home!

My Motivation:

I wanted to do my share in reducing carbon emissions and save a ton of money in the process. This system not only provides all the energy for us but it provides energy for other family's in the neighborhood. It also increased the resale value of our home but not the taxes (excempt)


My learning curve with this project was as follows. We called 4 contractors for competitive pricing. Only 2 responded at all and the none winning bid was 30% higher with less warranty coverage. I would highly recommend Geoenergy, LLC for your renewable energy project!

Experience with Installer:

Dealing with the utility company interconnection was hassle to the contractor I think The PUC commission should look into this process and streamline it. However Geoenergy was handled all of it we just had to sign forms that they presented to us. The responsiveness and superior knowledge of the product was what drove us to Geoenergy!

Additional Notes:

We purchased this property and had this house built with Solar Power as the main source of electric. Grande Construction was very helpful in the process. They worked with Geoenergy to facilitate this awesome 0 energy home!

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