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Brett H

6.72kw solar system in Nags Head designed and installed by Renewable Energy Design Group

What You Need to Know


(24) 280 W Canadian Solar panels with Solar Edge inverter and monitoring. Faces southeast so we do better in the mornings than late afternoons. Am sure facing true south is better but this is our roof direction and still really happy with it.

My Motivation:

Our strongest vote is how we spend our money and this is our vote to bring about change towards sustainable energy sources.


Go solar!

Experience with Installer:

Renewable Energy Design Group designed and installed a great system. They are a great group of folks and very enjoyable to work with.

Additional Notes:

Our utility company (Dominion Power) was a bit slow with changing out the meter so that we could power up the system. That was the biggest frustration as you are SO excited to turn it on after the big decision to get it installed. Make sure to stay very in touch with your utility company throughout the process. Also, we wanted to roll part of the cost into a refi of our house. Was pretty shocked when our appraisal came back and they made $0 adjustment for the solar installation, citing basically that it is something new and there is no sales data for them to adjust the appriasal on. If you are getting financing, make sure your lender uses a SOLAR LITERATE appraiser. This may not be a problem many places but eastern NC is still catching up and we have to push for change.

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