8.91 kW System on Composite Shingle Roof

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Other Benefits:

Not only can you zero out your electric bill - getting an electric car would be beneficial as it would eliminate the need to purchase gas. Another expense expense that could save a commuter $100-$200 a month!

Maintenance Requirements:

Solar requires little maintenance! There are no moving parts that need replacement or overseeing. We recommend a thorough cleaning two times a year to get all the dirt, bird droppings, etc that accumulate. This can be done easily with a hose and a regular mop.

My Motivation:

Solar is the best improvement you can do to your home. It increases the value of your home, it creates a tangible good you use, and in a community of track homes it adds a stand-out feature that sets you apart from other homes. Your house can be paid off, but utilities will be paid forever - unless you invest in your own solar system!


Be patient. LADWP takes some time to get your solar meter installed. 4-6 weeks after the city finals the system. It's part of the process and will be installed.

Experience with Installer:

Treepublic covers all the bases. Smaller company compared to the big box installers, but spends a great deal of time making sure all questions answered and stone left unturned. Very easy to reach by text or email or phone if any questions arise.

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