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Top 5 Reasons Treepublic Rocks Solar:

1. Accurate system sizing:
Before and after power bills:

2. Understanding of roofing fundamentals:
Roofing with Solar:

3. Experts at repair and system diagnostics:
We fix other companies' systems:

4. Discerning eye for aesthetics:
Aerial shots of our work:

5. We are proud to be on Inc. Magazine's 2020 Top 10 Fastest Growing Private Energy Companies in the United States, ranked #207 on the Inc. 5000, and the fastest-rising solar company in the US - jumped 96 spots in the Solar Power World Ranking in 2018-2019!
If you're in Socal, we have you covered:
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We tend to think of solar energy as a friendly handshake with the sun; a cosmic gift to our pale blue dot. We at Treepublic Energy want as many people to experience the joy and benefit of harnessing the photons of our nearest star for their daily household, commercial, and industrial energy use. After all, those photons did travel almost ten minutes to get here—let’s make their trip worthwhile!

We pride ourselves in providing the highest and best value renewable energy and energy efficiency products. We scour the market for components of the highest functionality, durability, affordability, and design, and promote only those which meet the most stringent quality standards across the board.

We are skilled PV installation professionals who work with the understanding that installations are meant to be safe, efficient, and able stand the test of time. Our crews have 80+ years of combined solar installation experience across hundreds of systems statewide.

We think of every installation as an extension of our own, which is, after all, where we began. We believe in the philosophy that anything we do defines everything we do. There’s a reason why we’re gaining traction as a well-regarded solar company in Southern California, not only with our customers, but with all our stakeholders—including utility personnel, and building department inspectors and engineers.

We look forward to working with you!
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

Workmanship Warranty

25 years:
Contractor warrants workmanship with full roof integrity protection under the solar array for a period of twenty-five (25) years following completion, and serves as the point of contact for any module or inverter malfunctions over the life of the system.


CSLB# 996593 (C-46)


$3mm General Liability + Worker's Compensation Insurance.
Insurance is A.M. Best Rated / California admitted, with an A/Excellent rating


NABCEP Installation Professional Certification, SOMAH Eligible Contractor, HERO, Ygrene, Sungage Financial, Sunpower Authorized Dealer, Sonnen Battery Approved Installer, LG Resu Certified Installer

Industry Certifications

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Solar Professional
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

What Customers Are Saying

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If you don't call Treepublic first, call them last before you make a deal with anyone else.

If one is looking for a company to install solar panels and a whole house back up battery system I can whole heartedly recommend Treepublic. I started working with Sean Sprague who helped design and subsequently was the lead salesperson on the project. What is so great about Treepublic is that everyone affiliated with the company is a salaried employee, no free-lance contractors who disappear once the deposit is paid. The pricing is fair, the workmanship is top quality and everyone at Treepublic is totally accessible, including the owner, Omar, who personally came to my house to deal with some last minute design issues, to assist with whatever needs to be done. The job was completed on time and my SPIG rebate application was handled by Treepublic staff and approved. If you don't call Treepublic first, make sure you call them before you contract with any other solar/battery company.

Posted by paulmaibaum on Dec 02, 2023
5 Stars if not for delays

I selected Treepublic as my solar installer for my home. The price, financing options, the actual work they did was all very good. The reason for this 4 star (updated) review is their poor planning. My project involved a new roof, solar panel installation, and main electrical panel upgrade. The roofer was recommended by Treepublic, a contractor that they are experienced working with. Treepublic had the roofer wait to submit permit applications until the solar permits were approved. This made zero sense to me as the roof needs to be completed before any solar work can begin. This misstep would end up costing my project at least a 2 month delay as the roofer did not attain the permits in a timely fashion. We finally worked it out and got started on the project. The work went fairly smooth and quick. It only took about a week. The work has been done for about 4 weeks now and they still do not have a final inspection scheduled. I have been asking for this to be done but they say they're waiting for revisions to the plan to be approved. However, the revisions were just submitted. It took 3 weeks after the project was complete to submit revisions. And I don't understand why the final inspection is still not scheduled. Seems like they'd be able to schedule it in advance when they likely think the revisions will be approved. All of these delays cost me my original loan. My application expired so I had to reapply. The timing of that cost me an additional 4% on the entire project. **Review update: The owner, Omar, has heard about the delays and has personally called to explain. I now have an inspection date and should get the approval to turn on shortly. Treepublic is doing what they can to make the situation right, which I appreciate.

Posted by daneryan21 on Nov 22, 2022

Treepublic was excellent to work with during the proposal process. I worked with Vladimir, and provided me excellent information to my many questions. I ultimately did not go with them because there was a specific newly released battery I wanted for my system, and due to their owners trouble getting detailed information on pricing and technical details, they were unable to commit to a competitive price, so I chose an installer with more experience in the battery I wanted. Vladimir was the only one of the 7 companies that responded on EnergySage that actually read the detailed information I provided on my request for quote, and demonstrated high technical understanding for what I wanted and how to do it. I highly recommend TreePublic.

Posted by briansxx on Dec 22, 2020
Positive experience

I used EnergySage to research and solicit multiple proposals for my solar project. I started out with the property details, size of house, number of occupants, and past electric bills. In total 7 companies bid n my project. The 7 companies pitched a lot of different sized systems, with a variety of manufactures and warranties. I asked A LOT of questions of all the representatives, and one by one their answers, their pricing, their customer service... something made them fall off the list of options. In the end, I chose Treepublic.  I did not pick them based only on the lowest quote, but their pricing was competitive, their sales staff polite, knowledgeable, and flexible, and the product and warranty they offered made sense. Once I decided to go with them, it was not a quick process, but that was my fault, not theirs. I decided that it would be best to replace the roof before installing solar, so that added some time, but they worked well with the roofer's schedule. When it came time to their part they were on time and on budget. No problems. No surprise charges. Once the job is done, I didn't really expect to hear from them again, but then the monitor lost connection to the Wi-Fi, and they noticed and came out to fix it before we noticed. I would contact them for a future solar install. EnergySage was a great way to approach. I had been in touch directly with other companies before I tried EnergySage, but this made it much easier to understand and compare the offering.

Posted by on Oct 28, 2020
One of the best customer service experience I have ever received!

Ok so here goes a review that will probably sounds FAKE however I can assure you I am a real customer of Tree Public and you are welcome to come to my house to see their work! Long story short, I initially found TreePublic on Yelp but then continued to do some additional online research about them. They had GREAT reviews from everyone so I had them bid on my project (one of many bidders) and their response time was by far the best of the best and their pricing came in VERY FAIR AND REASONABLE however their customer service, respect for the customer, attention to detail, and overall feeling of confidence that they give to the customer, I was happy to hire TreePublic! The owner Omar, personally spent his time with me both during the sale process and especially during the installation and AFTER SALE process. I felt super comfortable with Omar and his installation crew. His installers were the cream of the crop in terms of the quality of their work and their attention to detail. They accidentally broke more than "just a few" concrete tiles on our roof during the installation process and went out of their way to not only tell me about them and what happened, but also to get my permission to replace them...ALL OF THEM! I am SURE that this "customer service gift" costs them thousands of dollars in both material and time to reinstall new ones however NOT once did Omar EVER call me with that inevitable "bump" in price due to "excessive broken tiles". After this happened I knew that I was dealing with a really honest guy in Omar! Bottom Line: Consider me a friend of yours...who's advice and referrals you totally trust... and I told you about TreePublic when you was talking about installing solar panels. They are the "Amazon/Nordstroms" in customer service in the solar business around Los Angeles/Ventura. I am not a fake reviewer, I'm not related to Omar, I wasn't paid a penny (except given a good deal to start with) for this review. You can see my profile as I review lots of different business and have been doing so for years. This review is 100% legit and I strongly recommend TreePublic to anyone looking to add solar panels to their house including back-up batteries.

Posted by audiquote on Oct 07, 2020
Treepublic did a great job

Omar and his team at Treepublic installed my home solar system and a wall charger for an EV vehicle in October 2019. I received multiple bids--Treepublic was competitive, although not the absolute cheapest. My house is fairly new, and the installation was pretty simple, so there wasn't really a reason I shouldn't have gone with the lowest bid. Am I still happy I chose Treepublic? Very much so. Throughout the entire bidding and installation process, Treepublic was extremely responsive and professional. I never once worried that they wouldn't answer every question I had or address all of my concerns. It worked in their favor that they were one of the "smaller" shops because they were able to offer my project that personal attention (and no dealing with subcontractors). As an added bonus, they originally gave me a 2 month window for completion, but ended up finishing installation a few days after I signed the contract because they had another project end early. Here's to hoping nothing goes wrong with my system, but I'm confident Treepublic will be there if I need them. I recommend Treepublic for your solar needs.

Posted by linsanity on Jul 06, 2020
    • Single-Family Residence
    • Solar PV
    • 15.5 kW
    Malibu Canyon Compound
    • Single-Family Residence
    • Solar PV
    • 7.6 kW
    S-Tile Roof Installation
    • Single-Family Residence
    • Solar PV
    • 8.91 kW
    Composite Shingle Roof
    • Single-Family Residence
    • Solar PV
    • 24.1 kW
    Solar Ground Mount at Luxury Estate



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