Our solar panels have been a critical component of getting our home to a zero carbon footprint.

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15 kW system. 46 x Sunpower 345W panels through two Solar edge inverters mounted flat on a flat roof

Other Benefits:

We feel good about the lower carbon footprint as we replaced our furnace with a heat pump that is now driven by our zero carbon solar panels

Maintenance Requirements:

One panel was replaced under warranty and another one was re-wired under warranty. In the first year I shoveled snow off the panels but did not bother in the second year

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

2 x Bosch 5 ton whole house heat pumps (ducted) State heat pump hot water tank Insulation on roof and ceiling of basement Loewen triple glazed windows and patio doors. u-factor is 0.2 - 0.25 or R-value of R4-R5 which is very good for windows All with FSC wood

My Motivation:

To get to a zero carbon footprint and make money doing so. See the whole story here: www.greenzerocarbonhome.com


I bought the first array on my own after doing a ton of research. I bought the second array through the Energy Sage comparison tool. I found it very good as i got 4 bids and they were all compared on the same financial basis including calculating the cost per kilowatt hour, IRR, and payback period.

Experience with Installer:

NECE was very good. Expensive but they had good technical people and good administrative people which is actually vital as you need permits from everyone, and forms galore.

Additional Notes:

With the extra insulation, triple-glazed windows and heat pumps I have reduced the energy use of my house so much that I can generate all that energy form solar panels on my roof. This gets my house to a zero carbon footprint. I am making money on it too. I have written a book about the whole process so that I can spread the word. You can read about it here: www.greenzerocarbonhome.com

Open House Info:

you can email me at dgreen@greenzerocarbon.com

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