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Beautiful solar array installed on my roof!

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20 panel array with 1/4" spacing between all panels.

Other Benefits:

The array is mounted above the master bedroom and the shade it provides to the actual roof has helped make that room more comfortable during the hot summer months.

Maintenance Requirements:

No maintenance!

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

New high efficiency HVAC and hot-water tank.

My Motivation:

Primary reason is to help the environment by putting my roof to work making clean energy. The technology is very interesting and it is certainly a great conversation starter with the neighbors. The financial benefits are nice too.


Get as many quotes as you can. Every installer does something better than the next and that will guide you to the optimal system. Then find the installer willing to give you exactly what you want and that you feel most comfortable with.

Experience with Installer:

I was very surprised how many installers there were in Ohio and happy to see how enthusiastic they all were about solar. It was very difficult to choose just one for my job but I'm very happy with YellowLite and their staff.

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