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YellowLite - Profile & Reviews

YellowLite is a renewable energy company specializing in residential and commercial solar installations. Our team specializes in grid-connected, stand-alone, and hybrid photo voltaic systems. With the help of our professional NABCEP-certified engineers, we can reliably predict the return on your green energy investments and make customize your system according to your needs.

YellowLite Mokena, IL office,
Address: 9981 W 190th Street, Unit K-1, Mokena, IL 60448
Phone: (630) 296-6307

63 reviews

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  • "Obscenely expensive quote, totally out of line with competitors, no explanation given"

    "Obscenely expensive quote, totally out of line with competitors, no explanation given"

    Reviewed Apr 30, 2022
    Updated Apr 30, 2022

    IMPORTANT NOTE: I DID NOT CHOOSE THIS COMPANY OR WORK WITH THEM BEYOND THE QUOTE. For all I know they may be great at everything except giving quotes. This review is entirely about their role in the quoting process I went through with 7 companies.

    Out of the 7 companies I got quotes from, YellowLite was the second-to-worst. The reasons were simple: Their price per watt was literally 25% more expensive than the median quote, and 45c/watt higher than the second highest! The price difference was absolutely insane. I asked if they were taking any special considerations that others weren't, like perhaps their quote was including electrical upgrades or trenching work or something like, none of that. They just straight up wanted $3.45/watt for a run-of-the-mill panel when my average offer among the other 6 was about 2.77/watt. Just inexplicable to make this kind of an offer in the marketplace. They didn't even offer a justification except to say that they charge a lot in my state! Well why'd you bother making me a quote if you know I can see other prices and you know you're overcharging? It just doesn't make sense from a business perspective IMO to have even bothered paying for the lead generation.

    And that wasn't all. Their solar production estimates were just drastically wrong, they just thoughtlessly trusted the Aurora program's default guess rather than manually removing the huge block of trees that had clearly been removed on the satellite image. Like they've never worked with the program before.

    What's hilarious is that between the incredibly high price, the terribly inaccurate solar production modeling, and the bad financing, the EnergySage offer showed me just steadily losing money over the next 25 years. They didn't say, "hey based on our assumptions this system is not financially viable", instead they just pushed me out an offer that shows me permanently losing money, with this insanely high unjustified price, and they act like everything's normal!

    So I bring up all these problems and rather than give me a real response, they wait a day and then send me a canned message about whether I've read their quote and want to accept their offer! The audacity to be handling communication this badly after such an insulting offer! Eventually a human did respond (after I just told them they're doing terribly) and they politely told me that basically their offer was not very good compared to what I was getting and that was that.

    EDIT: I almost forgot. Early on I was told my case was handed off from person A to person B. I then was being messaged by person B but the signature was person A. I was explaining things to different people under the same name, and the same people under different names, it was a really embarrassing and unprofessional mess to not know who you're talking to!

    I'm giving 2 stars only because 1 star would probably hurt their rating more than it should for a quote-only interaction. But it really was an atrocious experience and they don't seem to have any handle on how to utilize the EnergySage platform or provide a competitive, rational quote.

  • "Don't expect service after the installation"

    "Don't expect service after the installation"

    Reviewed Jan 19, 2022

    They did a fair job during the installation although it took a month longer than expected. I would not recommend them for any above ground wiring. I have a problem with mine and they are not responding to me. This has been going on for six months. The work around is dangerous and I have wires sticking out of drain pipes running across my back yard. Good luck if you need service.

  • "No Response"

    Reviewed Nov 30, 2021
    Updated Dec 26, 2021

    Update, the problem is Energysage. Energysage dose not pass correspondence to Yellowlite. Yellowlite has been very reponsive after I was able to engage them directly. It's recommend to avoid contact with Energysage. Old - Vendor does not respond to questions.

    Fida Aziz
    Response from YellowLite
    Responded Dec 04, 2021
    Response from YellowLite
    Responded Dec 04, 2021

    Dir Sir/Madam,

    Apologies for the delay and mishap in prior communication. Our team is committed to servicing our clients, and to help remedy the situation. I can ensure dedicated support from our staff moving forward. Could you please provide more information on whom or what exactly you were seeking support? Or, please feel free to contact me directly at the information listed below at anytime. Thank you!


    Fida Aziz
    P: (216) 314-8212

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Solar Power World 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 Top Solar Contractor List. NABCEP Certified. BBB Accredited Business with A+ rating and 100% satisfied customer reviews. Preferred installer for OH-SUN Cuyahoga County Co-Op for 6 years now in 2021.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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YellowLite Headquarters

1925 St. Clair Ave NE Suite #250
Cleveland, OH
44114 United States

Local Offices (2)

  • 9981 W 190th Street, Unit K-1
    Mokena, IL 60448
  • 36 Grace Dr
    Powell, OH 43065

Workmanship Warranty

10-year workmanship warranty


Solar Power World - 2019 Top 200 Installer
Sunpower Dealer
SEIA Member




Fully Licensed where required


Fully Insured and Bonded

States served by YellowLite

  • Illinois IL ,
  • Indiana IN ,
  • Kentucky KY ,
  • Michigan MI ,
  • Ohio OH ,
  • Pennsylvania PA ,
  • West Virginia WV