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- Featured in Solar Power World's Top Contractors List for 10 Consecutive Years (2013-2022)
- 3000+ Installations
- BBB Accredited Business with A+ rating and 100% satisfied customer reviews
- NABCEP Certified
- Preferred installer for OH-SUN Cuyahoga County Co-Op for 9 years now in 2024
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YellowLite is the premium solar installer in Ohio and neighboring states, providing complete solar solutions for 15+ years. We design and install solar energy systems for residential and commercial clients. Our team specializes in grid-connected, stand-alone, and hybrid photovoltaic systems. With the help of our professional NABCEP-certified engineers, we can reliably predict the return on your green energy investments and customize your system according to your needs.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. YellowLite has been providing complete solar solutions for 15+ years.

  2. We have completed 3000+ installs in: Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia.

  3. We offer a 10-year workmanship warranty to our clients.

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10-year workmanship warranty
Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia
1500+ and Counting
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We provide Installations for: Residential Solar Panels,Commercial Solar Panels and Solar Panels for Farms.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Workmanship Warranty

10-year workmanship warranty


Fully Licensed where required


Fully Insured and Bonded



Industry Certifications

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Powerwall Certified Installer
  • SolarEdge Preferred

What Customers Are Saying

74 reviews
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44 panels installed in 1 day, cleaned up, hauled everything away. The electricians were excellent, everything looks very professional. When it was time to take pictures of the registration stickers, which are black and can only be seen when the flash goes off, it was very difficult to find the sticker because the units were installed so close together. I would suggest taking the pictures prior to installation. Very pleased with everything. It's so cool to see the production each day. Help save the planet.

Posted by whatluck10 on Jul 11, 2024
Did fantastic jobs

Yellowlite from Cleveland did smooth job. Installed 11.8kw system

Posted by tek.n.kuikel on Jun 09, 2024
Installed product as advertised. NOT interested in support or backing up their warrantee.

I contracted Yellow lite in 2020 to install a larger grid-tied commercial solar array on the roof of my single-story building after bidding the project to multiple contractors. Yellowlite was very responsive, provided good information and assurances of future support. During their initial site inspection, it was noted that the roof was dated and would need replacement/repair in the next 5 years; to which the team member (BILAL SAEED) informed me that this was no issue with the solar system, we would simply contact them and arrange to have the panels removed while work was completed and that they would then set them back up. This was in fact essential to maintain the labor and parts warrantees that were included with the initial installation. Fast-forward 3 years; It required 2 weeks to get a response back from Yellowlite to my service request to have the system moved for work and later installed. I contacted by phone (call center), email, and through the website. The reply back from JESSE VARNER was: “I apologize for the delay while I've been out of office helping in the field. We're currently focusing on helping folks get their systems installed before the end of the year, so the soonest we're scheduling system removals like this would be the spring. You are welcome to pursue other companies in the meantime, or you can reach us again in the spring for a quote if you're still interested in our assistance.” Through further communications, he confirmed that 1) this service is NOT included in any of the previous agreements, 2) anyone else doing the work would void Yellowlite’s warrantees. He has continued to refuse to quote a fee for his services (even in the spring) and then forwarded a generic link to alternative providers with a disclaimer that he is unfamiliar with these companies but that I should see if one of them can help me out. TRANALATION: We are only interested in NEW sales, we are NOT INTERSTED IN SUPPORTING our previous projects and if we can shift the warrantee of our product to someone else we’ll be happy to do that too! In the meantime, I still receive 2-3 emails PER MONTH from the company promoting referral incentives for recommending them, and additional products/services they wish to sell me! I can only RECOMMEND YOU AVOID this company if you wish to have the peace of mind that they will honor their warrantee and/or support their work. I will update this review with the information of who you SHOULD consider, once I locate a solar/electric contractor that knows how to support a solar array. If they offer to be able to get you work done this year note that they are LIARS: either they are lying to me, or they are lying to you and consider what that means when selecting who you contract to work with your home or business. UPDATE: Since posting my more negative review; Yellowlite has reassigned my account to another manager who seems sincerely committed to assisting me in resolving my concerns and addressing my needs. Brandon has reached out to me, explained current abilities to assist me in my endeavors and clarified what they would need from me (communication and time schedule from other contractors of other trades). I feel reassured at this point that Yellow-light would like to do the right thing and support me in maintaining their work as my needs are being addressed. -Ben B. (North Riverside, IL)

Posted by ben_baptist on Sep 22, 2023
Great response

They under promised and over delivered consistently. Answered all my many questions, kept us informed every step of the way, responded quickly and usefully. Everyone was both professional and approachable. It was a pleasure to work with everyone.

Posted by randlut on Jul 27, 2023
My review

My wife and I entertained five solar companies that stated that they were better than the others, one company said you wouldn’t get a better deal and we’ll be here for you. It was only after attending a home improvement show that we saw a booth where we listened to the pitch from Yellowlite. We filled out the information card and was contacted a few days later by a representative. There was one thing different about his approach than the others, he didn’t force himself on us, I actually had to find him and I asked why I didn’t hear from him and he stated, I gave you the information about our company and why we separate ourselves from other solar installers. Brian was right, he was honest, not pushy and gave us the information that made us feel that Yellowlite was the company for us. He invited us down to their office, showed us their product and introduced us to everyone in the office. From there it was educated decision, we want Yellowlite to be our installer. We met the installation Mgr Paul and our Project Mgr Zach. This was only the beginning of the members of the team. Brian told us about initiatives through the county and I really started feeling good simply because other companies never mentioned them and they were tens of thousands more than our quote from Yellowlite. Paul, the installation manager gave us a step by step on how and when things would begin to happen, the more we were informed the more we were looking forward to doing our part and saving our environment. We’ve already replaced our gas powered lawnmower, snowblower and other gas operated tools with electric. There was no real promises of when our system would be installed but were given dates, weather being the biggest factor. A week later Paul calls and said your next. He came to our home and did the initial site look over and told us what had to be done before they could begin, mainly fuse panel upgrade which we were planning due to we had a Federal Pacific panel which were banned due to fire hazards. Here comes Zach, looks like he should be in the NBA our site manager, just like Brian and Paul very knowledgeable as well as professional and attentive to all the questions we had. He kept a direct line of communication open to us never letting a day go by without responding to us. Next here comes the installation team, I call them Batman and Robin, actually their names are Orlando and Jalen. Being a Marine Corps veteran I know what teamwork is about and these two were awesome, professional, respectful of not only my wife and I but our property as well. After the installation it was time for the electrical connection, the electrician was Elijah, we were going out of town and he understood our timeframe, he completed all inside work, like the other team members, professionally, respectfully but most of all, they made me feel like we were old friends. Zach kept us informed on each step of the install never leading us down a dark alley and made himself available no matter where he was, to me he took our installation personal. All permits, inspections were done timely. May 23, 2023 began our installation, June 19, 2023, we began a new chapter in clean energy! Thank you team Yellowlite for a wonderful experience!! I know this may have been lengthy, but it’s a truthful testimony.

Posted by sgtelsam on Jun 30, 2023
Excellent overall experience

Beginning with my first contact with the sales office I found the Yellow Lite team to be excellent. Following our decision to choose Yellow Lite as our Solar solution we found the installation team to be second to none. Finally, the performance of the system has exceeded our expectations.

Posted by BOB on Feb 05, 2023
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    • 4.5 kW
    Residental roof-top solar
    • Farm
    • Solar PV
    • 10.4 kW
    Home Solar
    • Residential
    • Solar PV
    • 11.6 kW
    Southeast MI Residential Solar PV
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    • 4.96 kW
    Lewis Center Solar PV



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